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So, like it says in the title, this makes normally unusable spells, abilities and effects usable!

In this list, which you CAN chose to download if you prefer, I will show all of the different things and give a brief description. This took me a long time to put together so any feedback would be nice.

To add a spell open up the console " ` " or " ~ " and type the chosen command.

The text file can be dropped into the Skyrim DATA folder and used as " bat UnplayableSpellsAdd " but this will add ALL of the spells, powers and effects, so be careful (which is why I also made a remove file to be used in the same way " bat UnplayableSpellsRemove ").

UPDATE: Added a few new spells and separated the downloads.

++ POWERS ++

#Dread Cloak [Power]#
For 60 seconds opponents in mêlée range take 8 points of frost damage to health and stamina.
( player.addspell 000ED0A9 )

#Vampire's Seduction [Power]#
Creatures and people up to level 16 will not fight for 60 seconds.
( player.addspell 000C4DE2 )

#Vampire's Servant [Power]#
Reanimate a very powerful dead body to fight for you for 120 seconds.
( player.addspell 000ED0A7 )

#Polymorph Skeever [Player]#
Allows the player to take on the form of a skeever. Mucks up camera.
( player.addspell 0006E205 )

++ SPELLS ++

#Conjure Dragon Priest [Conjuration]#
Summons a dragon priest for 120 seconds.
( player.addspell 0010FC16 )

#Transmogrify [Illusion]#
Turns an enemy into a harmless animal for 30 seconds or until attacked.
( player.addspell 001092A2 )

#Lightning Cloak Drain [Destruction]#
Lightning that does 18 points of shock damage to health and magicka per second.
( (Highest) player.addspell 0006445D )

#Vampiric Drain [Destruction]#
Absorb 5 points of health per second from the target.
( (Highest) player.addspell 0008D5C2 )

#Drain Magicka [Restoration]#
A weird spell in my opinion.... +25 Fortify Magicka for 2 hours.
( player.addspell 000E1FEE )

#Fade Other [Illusion]#
Make someone invisible for 30 seconds or until they touch or activate something.
( player.addspell 00028532 )

#Chill Touch [Destruction]#
Another weird spell..... +15 Ice hazard
( player.addspell 0003384A )

#Ice Volley [Destruction]#
Fires 3 ice-spikes that deal 105 damage and double that to stamina.
( player.addspell 000EFC5F )

#Reinmate (Self) [Conjuration]#
I think this is the spell used by some necromancer N.P.C's..... Reanimate for 120 seconds.
( player.addspell 000E1529 )

#Teleport [Restoration]#
Gives +10 to all healing and looks really cool :P
( (In) player.addspell 000EF963 )
( (Out) player.addspell 000EF964 )

#Unseal Door [Illusion]#
Used in a certain dungeon by an N.P.C to unlock a magical door.... Unseal Door.
( player.addspell 000E482F )

#Voice Of The Sky [Restoration]#
I think this is a god's blessing.... Animals are peaceful towards you.
( player.addspell 0010A2DA )

#Wisp's Kiss [Destruction]#
Another weird one..... Wisp's attacks do little damage but slow and hamper magicka.
( player.addspell 00091F78 )

#Light Beam [Destruction]#
The light beam that shoots out of a temple somewhere....
( player.addspell 000994DB )

#Reanimate Spell [Conjuration]#
Reanimate a body to fight for you for 360 seconds. It works on animals
( player.addspell 001050EE )

#Spriggan Spray [Destruction]#
Fires a spray of bugs at the enemy that does 15 damage per second.
( (Highest) player.addspell 001090FB )

#Avoid Death [Restoration]#
The spell from the restoration perk. Heals you 375 points. I think it may vary.
( player.addspell 000A3F63 )

#Summon Arniel [Conjuration]#
Summon the shade of Arniel!
( player.addspell 0006A153 )

#Fortify Magicka [Restoration]#
Fortify your magicka by 200 for 2 hours.
( player.addspell 000E1FED )

#Meridia's Light [Restoration]#
The spell that comes from the Dawnbreaker sword. Sets undead on fire and explodes!
( player.addspell 000FEE36 )

++ FX / EFFECTS ++

#Familiar Visuals [Player]#
Player takes on the visuals of a familiar.
( player.addspell 000ED5F3 )

#Ghost Ability [Player]#
make the player take on the abilities and visuals of a ghost.

player.addspell 0010F5A7
player.addspell 000D2064

player.addspell 000d339B
player.addspell 0006A157

player.addspell 000D339F

(Violet Glow)
player.addspell 001034CC

(Blue Glow)
player.addspell 0005030B

(Resist Ability)
player.addspell 000D2060

(New Ability)
player.addspell 000D2056

#Sovngarde Hero Glow [Player]#
Make the player glow like the hero's in Sovngarde.
( player.addspell 00010B2DE )

#Necro Skeleton Ability [Player]#
Take on the visuals of a necro skeleton.
( player.addspell 000EB86F )

#Necro Priest Ability [Player]#
Take on the visuals of a necro priest.
( player.addspell 000EBEA9 )

#Nightmare Ability [Player]#
Take on the visuals of a nightmare N.P.C
( player.addspell 000BF741 )

#Wabba Ability [Player]#
Take on the visuals of the Wabbajack
( player.addspell 0009B2B5 )

#Wisp Shade [Player]#
Take on the visuals and abilities of a Wisp Shade. Adds Waterwalking and +200 Speed Buff!!
( player.addspell 0008CC8C )

#Spriggan Swarm [Player]#
Take on the visuals of a spriggan
( player.addspell 0009AA46 )

#Witchlight [Player]#
Take on the visuals of a wisp. Adds Waterwalking!!
( player.addspell 0008CDD1 )