Chillrend - The Frost Katana by tiagopsyko
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Added: 18/12/2011 - 01:58AM
Updated: 20/12/2011 - 09:58PM

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Last updated at 21:58, 20 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 1:58, 18 Dec 2011

UPDATE: I noticed I was having delays/lags in game while selecting or equiping my weapon! This should now be fixed in v2, so I advice everyone to replace the files with the new version and to do the same for my Nightingale Katana if you use it!

My third mod release. This mod was a request made by RaycerX that I was glad to accept.

This mod will replace your Chillrend with a Blade's Katana retextured to match Chillrend Frost style.

The Blade should have it's original damage and enchantment.

How to Install/Uninstall:
- To install simply copy the "Data" folder into your Skyrim directory;
- To uninstall simply delete the files you copied;

ATTENTION! This mod should not replace any Katana textures (Blades Katana, Bolar's Oathblade, Dragonbane) nor any Glass weapon textures!
If you notice any changes on other weapons let me know so I can correct them.

Hope you enjoy!

-> Looking for a match for your new Chillrend? Try my Nightingale Katana mod:


- If you like this retexture please leave a comment and an endorsement!
- If you find any bugs leave a comment and I'll do my best to fix them!
- Thought about a mod you'd like to have? Post a comment and I'll be glad to check it and maybe give it a try!
- If you have any tutorials/tips that can help me to start making more advanced mods feel free to PM!

To do:
- Learn to edit meshes to change the original looks (need some training with Blender and .nif import/export);
- HD retextures (need more photoshop training);