Hjerim Bloody cleanup by Necrocytosis-Toutatis
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Added: 18/12/2011 - 01:34AM
Updated: 28/04/2015 - 12:16PM

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Last updated at 12:16, 28 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 1:34, 18 Dec 2011

Bethesda should have fixed this problem now, but i will leave this bugfix here just incase.

You like Hjerim in windhelm as well, it's a nice home is'nt it? but somehow the stupid steward decided to not have anyone cleanup the mess after a serial killer you helped bringing to justice, well the divines does not agree with the steward and brings you this small artifact called bat cleanup to help you with the magically induced mess that will not go away no matter how many times you broom your floors. Rise up adventurer and fight the mess with your new Broom "bat cleanup", bloody floors, unholy ritual items or human body parts BEGONE!!

This is a small script that will fix the bug where your house in hjerim still got the altar, mess and blood all over the place after you bought the house. The dialogue bugs if you do not choose cleanup before anything else, but this script/esp will clean this up.

Note!: The chest on your left-handside as you enter Hjerim, will also be disabled if you use this script, so make sure you empty this first. If you did'nt empty that chest before the script just type df492.enable in the console and the chest (along with the blood) will reappear...then you can pick up your stored items in the chest and type df492.disable again.

I have compiled an .esp for this fix, if you want to run the esp instead of a script you now can, feel free to choose which you want. It's tested on a savegame of mine where i have the bug and confirmed working. Enjoi a scriptfree fix!

Installation Script:

1.Extract and put the cleanup.txt into your skyrim installation folder (--steam games/steamapps/common/skyrim)
2. Start the game
3. Open the console ( | )
4. Write: bat cleanup
5. Done, enjoi a clean house.

Installation esp:
- use the download manager button or:
- unpack the zip
- put the hjerimfix.esp in your skyrim datafolder
- check hjerimfix.esp in data files
- start the game and enjoi a clean house.

Uninstall script:
- download the "recover.txt" in my file section of this mod
- open console
- type "bat recover
- done! everything should be back to old messy place
I put this here incase someone wanted to revert the changes made.

Uninstall ESP:
- Uncheck the .esp in data files.

Thanks to Toutatis who got all the parent id's right, i could finally make a simple script instead of an .esp. Thanks alot Toutatis for the ID's. Also used these ID's to make the final esp.