Raider Helmet by redxavier
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My favourite helm in the game was that worn by the low level Draugrs, and I was a bit disapponted that you couldn't loot it and wear it. It's the closest equivalent to the historical Gjermundbu helmet, with its distinctive 'eye goggles', which is a great design. This pack now adds a version of this helmet without the chainmail as a craftable item, and it can also be improved at the workbench.
Raider Helmet - similar stats to the iron helmet
Extract folders under meshes to your meshes folder and likewise for the textures. Place the .esp file into Skyrim/Data, then make sure it's ticked in the Data Files part of the launcher.
Once in game, go to forge and find them under Steel, provided you have that perk.
Bethesda for supplying the source mesh and texture.

I hadn't asked to be credited on the previous version but it would still have been nice to be thanked by the couple of people who blatantly used it. So... I'm now asking that credit be given to me if you use or modify this.