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Snotgurg's Useful Food (SUF)
Version 1.3.1
Release date: Dec. 27th, 2011

=== Introduction ===

The goal of Snotgurg's Useful Food-mod is to make the foods in Skyrim more relevant. The player needs to eat foods in order to gain bonusses to health and stamina regeneration. The mod has two modes: hardcore and normal. In hardcode mode a console script is called upon installation that lowers player health and stamina regeneration by 100% and 75%, respectively. The player then needs to eat food in order to have any health or stamina regeneration at all. In normal mode, the foods simply add a bonus to the default regeneration rates. At this time the mod is balanced only for hard core mode at a timescale of 8.

The regeneration rates applied to foods have been balanced to make home-cooked foods more useful and desireable. Furthermore, a balanced diet between meats, vegetables, bread and cheese must be followed in order to have both stamina and health regeneration.

See the spreadsheet SUF_foods.xls for an overview of the effects of all foods.

Differences with Punxdog's excellent mod "Filling food and Restful Sleep" are:
- SUF only has health and stamina regeneration effects,
- SUF has a different balancing of effects, i.e., what food type gets what effect, for how long and at what magnitude,
- SUF has no sleep effects changes from default Skyrim,
- SUF has no changes to werewolf mechanics from default Skyrim,
- SUF has no changes to beverages from default Skyrim.

=== Installation ===

Using your favority mod management tool, place the Snotgurg's Useful Food.esp in Skyrim\Data, and enable the esp in Skyrim's load


Optional: To enable hardcode mode, place Docs\SUF_enable_hardcore.txt into Skyrim's main directory and open the console (tilde or `-key) after loading a game. Type "bat SUF_enable_hardcore" (without the quotes).

To disable hardcode mode, place Docs\SUF_disable_hardcore.txt into Skyrim's main directory and open the console (tilde or `-key) after loading a game. Type "bat SUF_disable_hardcore" (without the quotes).

IMPORTANT: To upgrade to 1.3 from an earlier version, place Docs\SUF_upgrade_to_v1_3.txt into Skyrim's main directory and open the console (tilde or `-key) after loading a game. Type "bat SUF_upgrade_to_v1_3" (without the quotes).

=== Change log ===

- version 1.3.1 (Dec. 27th, 2011)
o Fixed: clam meat was valued incorrectly because its "potion type" was set incorrectly.

- version 1.3 (Dec. 25th, 2011)
o The base stamina regeneration rate for hardcore mode is now 25% instead of 0%. Foods were rebalanced to match this. Some quests devoid the player of any food and it's more realistic to still have some stamina regeneration in those situations.
o Foods now have their own magic effect instead of using the alchemy effects. This means that regenaration effects from potions will stack with the effects gained from food. Hardcore mode is the way to play this mod.

- version 1.2 (Dec. 22nd, 2011)
o The Elsweyr Fondue now has its original effects (Fortify Magicka and Magicka Regeneration) plus a shorter duration of the Health and Stamina Regeneration effects.

- Version 1.1 (Dec. 19th, 2011)
o Rebalanced food effects to have longer duration for cooked meals such as stews and soups.
o High sugar snacks now have a strong positive effect on stamina for a short duration, but also a longer duration drain effect.
o Fixed issues with Raw Rabbit Legs and Gourds.

- Version 1.0 (Dec. 17th, 2011)
o Implemented health and stamina regeneration in all known foods.
o Implemented hard code mode by providing console-callable scripts.

=== Credits ===
- Filling food and Restful Sleep - Hardcore Mod by Punxdog. Implementation ideas used.
- figments's TESsnip Fork 1.0
- Dave Humphrey's SkyEdit
- Antaurus for the Russian translation