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This is a quick video I made that plays all of the seven sounds that will occur upon death

When you die in Vanilla skyrim a grim, dark sound is made. This mod makes death a bit more humorous. Now when you die, one of seven hilarious sound effects and phrases is played. Watch the video above to hear the sounds. Every time you die, one of these sounds could be played:
1. The classic Wilhelm Scream followed by, "Epic fail!"
2. The classic wa wa wa wa waaaaaah! played by a trumpet.
3. A silly laugh followed by, "Epic fail!"
4. A man saying, "That was a failure of epic proportions. Unacceptable!"
5. Vincent Price having an evil yet comical laugh.
6. Willy Wonka yelling, "You get nothing! You lose! Good day sir!"
7 The losing theme sound from The Price is Right

Feel free to leave a comment saying which is your favorite and which is your least favorite. All feedback is welcomed. And as always, PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO ENDORSE!!!

Recommended: Use NMM.
Manual: Place the music folder into your data folder (yourskyrimdirectoryhere/data).
Uninstall: If you used NMM deactivate it, if you installed manually then delete the failure folder found in skyrimdirectory/data/music/special/failure. Just delete the failure folder.

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