Enhanced Distant Terrain 2 by SparrowPrince
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Added: 01/08/2013 - 09:45PM
Updated: 18/03/2014 - 07:35PM

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Last updated at 19:35, 18 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 21:45, 1 Aug 2013

I'm currently taking a long break so I might not see your comment. I have also disabled my inbox for
a while. Hope you understand and thank you very much!



This mod basically takes 6000+ LOD textures (yep really, but not over 9000 just yet) and applies
the most amount of noise I could to them without making the landscape look too dark. If
you look at the screenshots I would recommend using it in conjunction with Enhanced Distant
Terrain (my first ever mod I think) as it will look much better. The noise (like EDT) makes the
terrain look more detailed than it actually is in the distance (so focus on the distance if you
can't see it). The difference between this and the original EDT is that it covers thousands of distant LOD
textures and applies noise directly to the landscape. EDT only covers one particular texture.

Hope everyone enjoys this and I hope it will enhance your game. The files were sitting somewhere
in the darkest reaches of my hard drive forgotten, but I found them! There should be no fps hit
with this mod at all.

Thank you very much!


Q: This over-writes stuff from X LOD mod

A: Yeah it will, so it's your choice which you use. Meshes should be totally fine though.

Quality World Map (and any other similar mods)

Please let the this mod (QWM) overwrite EDT2 and you should be fine.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul Summer Edition

As of 1.81 of SFO Summer the mod is compatible with EDT2. Please install EDT2 first and then install
SFO over the top, overwriting any files it asks you to.

Q: What did you take your screenshots with?

A: Vanilla with just a bit of saturation. No tricks or filters.

Q: Does this cover DLC?

A:Not at the moment. Yep, it does now.


101 V2

- No version change, but removed rogue texture "noise.DDS". No need to panic, you can
keep it if you want. It's from EDT. My bad.

1.2 (I had to go back to . because NMM was throwing a fit)

- Applied a nice filter to all textures to even out the noise and make it slightly more spread out
and lighter.
- Added a NMM installer and combined both versions of the mod.


- New noise filter which should be softer and more natural.
- Fixed blotches on snow.
- Dragonborn is now in a seperate file to help me update it easily if needs be.


Oldskool manual only:

1. Extract the contents of the folder "Textures" into your Skyrim / Data folder
(usually located at Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common / skyrim / data)
2. Done!

If you don't get any of that or you are new, try google.


Use on a 'as is' basis unless I say otherwise. I give full permission for anyone to use or upload
this mod as long as full credits are given to me as the original author. Please do not steal or
claim my work as your own. It is very degrading to me and other people who put in hours of
their own time for the community. You can translate this mod and upload it as long as you give
me notice first.


As my inbox is closed at the moment, if you are a modder that wants permission to use anything in
this mod - please go ahead! All I ask is credits (as listed above). Best of luck with your mod. :)


Thanks to DeadManPlaying (DMP) for hosting my stuff on Steam! You can find his page *HERE*