Hall of Dragonborn Optimized by GRIMELEVEN
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Hall of Dragonborn Optimized

I got permission from the original mod author, to release this mod version.

Original mod here Hall of Dragonborn

I like this house so much, i wanted to improve it, it was getting really laggy in some spots, the lighting was hurting my eyes (lol) and there was the mannequin issue.


  • Removed all mannequins
  • Removed all lights and replaced them with realistic ones (fire camp, shadows lights)
  • Removed most of wall mounted heads to improve performance even more.
  • Remove all scripts references, dependencies and files for the containers part of the mod, that way players can try the mod/remove without fear of save bloating.
  • Added huge performance modifications to the house on every level so you can expect little to no performance issues, even with many NPC's inside and with ENB enabled.
  • Removed some shields plaque and chairs on second room to make space and put some shelves instead.

  • Shield and weapon plaque *8
  • Single weapon plaque *9
  • Plaque for 4 daggers *2
  • Special barrel for 6 staff display *2
  • Shield plaque *5
  • Weapon rack * 41
  • Large display case *2
  • Dagger display case *8
  • Bookshelf book space *242
  • Safe and Strongbox locked *4
  • Chest in big and small size locked *11
  • Alchemy table *1
  • Enchanting table *1
  • Full crafting set *1
  • Merchant *3
  • Maid *1 (sing on request, and play instrument when she feel likes to)
  • Fast Travel from the house is Allowed.
  • Key to the house can be found on the ground outside the house, just next to the door, and below the torch.


The reason i removed all the mannequins is that a lot of users including myself could never get them working and the fix for mannequins conflicts with USKP, i also find them useless.

The performance tweaks i made were because i found it strange that i was losing half my fps inside just one cell, so after some digging i found a way to improve it by a lot, without having to remove all the decorations inside. The game engine was rendering most of the stuff inside on certain spots so that caused FPS drops.

My system is a Core i7 3.8Ghz, 120GB SSD, ATI 7850 2GB@1200/5800 clocks
I run with ENB with RealVision profile and can keep 50-60 FPS at all times in all Skyrim, except this house WAS a FPS killer.


If you want the exact same lighting level/shadows that are in the screens, using RealVision, change the intensity in enbseries.ini to



Obviously this mod overwrite the original so you must take out all items from the old house mod and do a clean saving.

Save your game, then exit Skyrim and disable the old .esp, load your game, create a new savegame, exit Skyrim, then you can copy the archive content and overwite all files from this mod and load your newly cleaned savegame.


Halordy and all mod authors resource materials on original mod page, Thanks!