The Wilds ENB preset ELFX and COT compatible by Skysan4298
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Added: 27/07/2013 - 02:41PM
Updated: 17/04/2014 - 10:31PM

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Last updated at 22:31, 17 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 14:41, 27 Jul 2013

Thank you all for taking time to download and endorsing this mod.

==== Features ====

  • The Wilds preset tweaked for the latest ENB binary
  • Exposed the most of ENB controls to the ENB Shader Parameter window
  • Preserved the original Wilds preset's "wild nature" color configuration
  • Tweaked preset with the ELFX "00 Core Files" option installed
  • The Letterbox supported
  • Can be configured through the ENB GUI in-game
  • Multiple weather support
  • RiftenOvercastFog, SkyrimFog, SkyrimOvercastRain, SkyrimStormRain
  • DoF supported
  • Kyokushinoyama's DoF level 3 for performance
  • Soulwynd's Tweakable DoF for high end PCs
  • SOAA and IMBL enabled option for high end PCs
  • ZeroKing's Post-Processing Effects Addon for ENB
  • Sharp and ExtraSharp scenery post processing options included
  • Climates Of Tamriel supported and tested with the COT "00 Main Files" option.

=== Beautiful Wilds v3 ===
With this mod's latest download, I'm mesmerized by Lsiwora's work. Lsiwora and the other ENB preset modders have been restarting Skyrim at every step of tweaking, so we all should appreciate how much she had to endure to give us this awesome ENB preset. The ENB multiple weather preset configuration has further enhanced the original Wilds preset.

=== Why this mod ===
LSiwora has beautifully color configured The Wilds preset, so I've been using that since it was published. This mod is based on the Wilds v2.0.1 and most of the Wilds v3, and I have been configured it to work with the latest ENB especially the ENBoost enblocal.ini file and the enbseries.ini file for the AMD graphic card. This should work with Nvidia since Boris optimized ENB for both.

This mod will overwrite any existing ENB files, so please back up your current ENB files. Examine this mod's list of files, and backup those if see them in Skyrim.

This preset is optimized with AMD 7850, 1920x1080 noAA, and I disabled SOAA, ENB rain, ENB IBL, ENB Reflection, and DOF. Kyo's DOF performance level 3 is included, and can be enabled through ENB Gui. I Frame capped at 42fps in enblocal.ini for leveling between indoor and outdoor. ENB vSync is enabled to eliminate the screen tearing. I have included the high end option for GPU like Titan or 7990. This option has a DOF configuration that can bring Skyim to a slide show.

The Letterbox is supported, and it's disabled when installed. This can be enabled through the ENB GUI window. Since I enabled EdgeAA and RemoveBlur to false, it may look blur to your taste. I included the effect_Sharp.txt file and the effect_ExtraSharp.txt file to replace the default effect.txt post processing file.

=== CREDITS ===
Boris for his awesome ENB and ENBoost.
LSiwora for her Wilds ENB v2.0.1 and v3: I couldn't use the other presets once I saw her work.
Kyokushinoyama's sunsprite and DOF: needed a tweak to work with ENB v0.193 and up.
Thanks to ZeroKing's Post-Process Effects Addon for ENB, I was able to add the GUI controlled post black level control. This preset now looks much clearer with this. See the sticky post for how to tune this setting.
SweetFX by CeeJay: see the SweetFX section below.
Realistic Sun by prod80
Matso for showing how to add the Letterbox control to GUI.
Skyrim Visual Immersion Series ENB Resource
Tweakable DoF and Bokeh shader for ENB by Soulwynd

=== Required ===
ENB version matching this mod's version: download and copy enbhost.exe and d3d9.dll or enbseries.dll since this mod has all other ENB file.
Do not copy those EXE and DLL files to the Windows directory! Copy them to the Skyrim directory.
ENB download site OR ENB download site
This mod has all required ENB preset files including the tweaked ENBoost mod, so you can install this over your current ENB preset. You do not need the previous Wilds preset mod to use this mod.
ENB helper dll: This helper dll is now required because the default settings are for the clear or scattered cloudy weathers. Especially the vegetation will look extremely bright with the foggy, cloudy shower, and stormy raining weathers. Please copy the enbhelper.dll file to the Skyrim/enbseries directory.

=== Recommended mod ===
Grass on Steriods: This mod can boost outdoor performance by lowering number of grass to render while still shows the same grass volume.
Skyrim Startup Memory mod: I highly recommend this mod if you've been experiencing the Infinite Loading Screen (ILS) or CTD at mostly entering a cell that may have been modded like Breezehome. I've using this mod with that mod's default settings, and I haven't experienced ILS or CTD a long time. It won't get rid of CTD completely, but it helped tremendously to stabilized Skyrim.
Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus "00 Core Files" recommended. The other additional files may make Skyrim look too dark.
JawZ smooth out color band sky mesh: JawZ has smooth out the color band distribution on the sky/atmosphere.nif mesh file as much as Skyrim allowed.
ENB Guide by JawZ

==== Skin blooming and glowing look ====
I configured this preset to see a soft skin glow especially at night. If this is too much to your taste, please try raising the SubdermalDiffuseSaturation value under the SubSurfaceScattering section on the ENB GUI.

For glowing children face, try "SUBSURFACE SCATTERING PATCH" by mindflux.

The New Children mod has a descent "normal" map that can correctly show the skin tone.

=== Interior day and night Brightness ===
When the original Wilds preset author HeliosDoubleSix (HD6) and LSiwora wrote the enbeffect.fx post processing file, HD6 wanted to always force nightime when the player was inside interior. The ENB back then did not have the EInteriorFactor flag for an ENB preset author, so HD6 wrote his own logic to detect if interior. As HD6 commented in the enbeffect.fx file, his logic didn't work very well. When ENB changed the day and night detection logic from background color to sky horizon color, this preset had to use the DectorOldVersion=true. When this is true, the interior day and night values influenced each other. This is why the interior day and night value had to be same or very close. With the EInteriorFactor usage fix, this preset is now using the DectorOldVersion=false, and the interior day and night values are independent.

Some might say day to night transition should be gradual even inside interior, but how would this be possible if you are in a deep cave where no sun light but only candle or torch providing light. I think this is reason why HD6 wanted to always force nightime inside interior.

==== The enbseries directory ====
Some newer ENB presets are now installing the ENB preset files to the enbseries directory. If you have tried an ENB preset that used this method, you must empty the enbseries directory before you use this mod preset. If you left the other preset files in the enbseries directory, you'll experience very unpredictable Skyrim. Some reported on the ENB web site that they CTD when trying to load a save. I tested this scenario, and ENB appears to be merging the two presets with the enbseries directory as the highest priority. I now included my enbseries directory, so please make sure empty or rename your enbseries directory and copy this mod files. If you had your own weather settings, copy those weather related files from your backed up enbseries directory.

==== ENB multiple weather support ====
I have included the Riften foggy weather setting and the Skyrim outdoor foggy weather setting in the enbseries directory.
You will need to install the ENB helper dll from to see these settings.
If this helper dll is missing from the enbseries directory, you'll see the default foggy weather setting.
This is not required, but you will miss out on how ENB can beautifully render the Riften foggy weather.

=== SkyrimPrefs.ini ===
Some reported the "Mod Organizer" has its own Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini, so please make sure the right ini files are tweaked.
bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 This must be set for ENB to work
iPresentInterval=1 This must be 1 to enable vsync

Set these two AA flags to the following for the 60fps option. The interior textures disappeared on my AMD 7850 when these were ON with UseDefferedRendering=true. The 60fps option has this true to allow those can use more advance ENB features. Make sure the GPU driver AA settings is also off or use application setting.

=== 60fps ===
The 60fps folder has the framecap at 60, and can be used with or without no_bur. Install this last to MAIN. I have 7850, and I drop to 40fps outdoor, so your card or cards must be pretty high to stay 60 constantly.

=== VRAM configuration ===
Please read the VideoMemorySizeMb flag detail info in the enblocal.ini file, and configure it according to your GPU VRAM. This flag with a proper value will give you stability and smooth game play.

=== Climates Of Tamriel ===
The original Wilds 2.0.1 had the COT option, so I copied that option to this mod. Tested with the COT v3.1 "00 Main Files" option, and raised the brightness for the eye adaptation "toobright" value by 10% from the original value.

=== My personal preset ===
This option will have much less saturation like less green for my own taste. If you want to use my personal preset and want the original Wilds saturation, try changing this option in the enbeffect.fx file or through the ENB GUI. This will raise the red color and the green color to the same levels from the Main download's configuration.
float rgbd = float3(1.09, 1.01, 1.04);

=== SweetFX ===
The SweetFX required the ENB Wrapper d3d9.dll to enable the SweetFX. To tell if it is enabled, hit the Scroll Lock key once to disable it and again to enable it back. This has the Wilds SweetFX settings, and it look blueish and darker on my PC when it was enabled.

!!! SweetFX and other injectors !!!
Boris restored the [PROXY] section from ENB 0.211, but you'll see a huge full screen size warning about unsupported software being used such as SweetFX. Even if you used the ENB 0.209 or older binaries, the SweetFX will no longer be updated or supported going forward.