Summon This - Bad to the Bone by Zyris
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SUMMON THIS: Bad to the Bone
July 26, 2013
Windows 7 path:
My computer / Local Disk (c:) / Program Files / Steam / Steamapps / Common / Skyrim / Data
This is an Undead Dragon companion mod (slightly over powered).
Not long ago I released a mod for the “Creature Companions” called “Summon This: Redux”.
This is an “accidental” version of that. While testing out a few adjustments I made I decided
to go ahead and release it. This dragon may be considered way over powered for some, and that’s
why I’m posting it here.

How this mod works: It’s simple, really. Just drop the .esp into your DATA folder and go look
for a fight. You'll know when he shows up, trust me.
He detects combat from way atop of the Throat of the World. The highest point is where he lives. You don’t have to summon him or need any special equipment.

Health Offset: +500
Speed: 125 (default is 80)

Spells / Abilities:
a) AbDragonFire
b) AlduinFirestormShout
c) crChaurusPoisonBite02
d) crDragonUnarmedDamage05
e) DragonFireBallShout05
f) DragonFireBreathShout05
g) DragonUnrelentingForceShout
h) crDragonTail

a) crDragonResistNPCs

Known Issues:
I do not recommend you use this mod with my earlier versions. It is the same dragon and has the
same home. There may be conflicts.