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  • Hand 2 Hand combat scaling with level

OPTIONAL - Added Optional Clothing seperate file, include alot of clothes that strays away from the life of a monk
1.4 - Added Red / Brown / Blue / Green / Grey / Gold standalone hoods + Meshes
1.3 - Added Unenchanted versions of Thalmor Gloves / Boots / Robe & Hooded Version / Mystic Dawn Gloves / Boots / Robe & Hooded Version
1.2 - Added Black Robe, Brown Monk Robe & Hooded Variants / Black Hood, Fixed boots & added black pair / Added College Robes / Mage Hoods
1.1 - Requires Tanning-Rack to craft the robes, added non-hooded variants and a new robe Grey Hooded and Grey Non Hooded
1.0 - Initial Release

Allows the player to craft Monk-Hooded & Non Hooded robes of thier choosing. In order to craft these items, special skill ranks are required
  • Monk clothing requires - Restoration Novice
  • Thalmor clothing requires - Destruction Novice
  • Mystic Dawn requires - Alteration Novice

Requires Linen Wraps / Alchemy Ingredients / Charcoal for the dye.
Let me know what you guys want to see in this because ill be adding on to this when i can

Like all ESP files they go into your Skyrim/Data folder, with all mods you download please backup your save file

None that i know of, if you have problems please let me know and ill add it to the list

  • Previous pictures show using the forge to craft the items, this is now obsolete because it now requires the Tanning-Rack
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