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Added: 16/12/2011 - 10:47PM
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Last updated at 21:15, 17 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 22:47, 16 Dec 2011

I have turned off all my esps and reset the character to level one. Now that I think about it, you will probably be overloaded with items, sorry about that. She has completed the Companions quests and the Dark Brotherhood quests and I was in the middle of the Nightingale, thieves guild quests when I created this.

Now the "Look," for the face I used Petty Eyes, Better Females and Coverwoman. The Normal map/msm is from Better Females and the rest of the textures are from Coverwoman.

The Body, of course is your choice and depends on personal preference, for the sake of compatibility and because it is truly astounding, I used Calientes CBBE mesh. There are several options. Over this I applied the look of Diesel Normal map using a combiner mod, the name of which escapes me at the moment. If you do a search for muscle it should be there.

Bellas Better Females


Pretty eyes

Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE

Female Muscle Mod by Tigersan
(it is not necessary to download this when using the combiner)

muscle mod and BBE fully matching v1_02 by Shootme

If you have any questions or comments, I would be glad to respond

Sincerely, waynepeake

PS. If you'd like you can post pictures of your Lea, I 'd love seeing them