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Blended Race Save Games. This is the result from a little race mixing! With these dont use the race menu because they WILL RESET. So if you wanna make your own changes, you will need the tutorial linked below. I'd love to see screenshots uploaded if you use them, that would be cool.

They are in the tavern in Riverwood having just arrived from Helgen.

About the characters:

Khan el Qah'harr is a mix of Redguard and Orc. A genuine blood spilling warrior type. I added Tsuns armor to his save, as it fits his look well.

Akiko Sr'ellis: She is a mix of Wood Elf and Redguard. Partially inspired by Storm and made to look like a someone who harbors a darker nature.

Ar'quin Kir'jiro: A mix of Wood Elf and Redguard. I wanted to create a Samurai inspired character who would fit a warrior type instead of the more traditional Elven mold of a more at one with nature type. I thought he had this Samurai feel. A nice start to a sword based role.

Ki'ra Bathory: based on a mix of Dunner and Breton, she was inspired by the mage we see on the load screens. A nice start to a character who can fill any role you choose.

Read The Classy Pythons tutorial on how to mix races to make your own.

Mods used (to get same look at screenshots)

Better Females by Bella (with make up version 1, the very subtle, natural look)

How to make your own race mixed characters:
Follow the tutorial in The Art of Race Mixing by The Classy Python