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Jaggarsfeld by xJACKTHERIPPERx and DarthXile
Skyrim » Abodes - Player homes
Added: 29/07/2013 - 07:39PM
Updated: 20/11/2013 - 03:55AM

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1.04 Latest version

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Last updated at 3:55, 20 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 19:39, 29 Jul 2013

1.04 makes some changes to the sorting system which are stored with your characters save. In order to get the new changes you must make a clean save. Please remove everything you have stored in Jaggarsfeld, including the Trophy Hall,the cabin, and the outside area or it will be lost!
I know this is a pain in the butt, and I apologize. To make this process a little easier, don't forget that you can open the console with the tilde key: ~ and type tgm to give yourself unlimited carry weight and use the pullbar on the sorting system to send everything to the chest. Note that you'll still have to manually take everything from the Trophy Hall though. See below to see what's new in v1.04

Thanks to Gopher for showcasing our little mod on his channel. In just one day we've had triple the number of downloads that we had in the previous 3 months the mod has been available. As such, there has been a lot of feedback regarding some minor issues that need addressing, and some good suggestions for some content that can be added to help improve Jaggersfeld. In an effort to minimise repeat comments/suggestions I thought I'd just give everyone a heads up on some of the things we plan on fixing/adding in the near future.

Added some clutter to the main house
Cleaned the mod with TES5Edit
Moved the Claw, Elder Scroll and Paragon displays into the Trophy Hall

-Added support for RLO users (See optional files for the RLO version)
-Added a display for Ysgramor items as well as Arvaks skull
-Spruced up the Elder Scroll display as seen in the screenshots section
-Rings and necklaces now have their own container beside the bed
-Books now get sorted to the small nightstand between the bookshelves
-Firewood can now be found by interacting with the wood pile behind the house

Someone in the comments has said that simple reinstalling the mod fixed his CTD issues. Give that a try and if it doesn't fix it then try running BOSS or moving the mod around in your load order.

-Idle markers
Something we kind of overlooked when we were initially working on the mod was the fact that most people like have followers with them. We're going to be adding idle markers around outside, and probably inside as well so when you're at home relaxing your companions can keep busy.

There have been a few comments about how dark the interiors are when using RLO. I'll either add an activator to turn on more lights or just make an RLO specific version for those using it.

A couple of other good suggestions I've gotten include adding Hearthfire ovens and just a few empty chests so you guys can store any kind of random junk that you don't want to go into the sorting system.

Thanks to everyone who has tried Jaggerfeld. We're blown away by all the comments and compliments from you guys. It has given us new motivation to work on it again and make it the best we possibly can.

Big thanks to Sjogga for the sorting system resource and the claw holder script.
It can be found here.

Hunters Cabin
A strange impulse to explore the mountains southwest of Whiterun leads you to discover a cavern nestled within the mountains. Who owns this cabin? What strange force drew you here? What challenges will you face in order to claim it as your own?

This home comes with a very mod compatible sorting system for all your items as well as fairly unique crafting stations. Every crafting station in this mod does not require you to have the materials in your inventory. As long as they're in the proper chests from the sorting system, they will be usable in any crafting area within the property.
We've also added a functional potion display shelf. It's like a bookshelf, but replace the word book with potion, and the word shelf, with shelf.
We have custom decorations in the home made by Oaristys and Tony67 which can be found here as well as rugs made by Insanity, found here.

The cabin also features unique displays for your Elder Scrolls, dragon claws, Daedric artifacts, Dragon Priest masks, Black Books, and even a place to put those pesky paragons from the Vale.

The valley is also home to an armory that's "not of this world", inspired by our previous house mod, Lair of The Crimson Scar. It was such a popular feature, we decided to bring it back, slap a new coat of paint on it, and build an addition that houses all your Dragon Priest masks, and your favorite Daedric artifacts.

We hope you enjoy this house and all of its features, and be sure to have a look around the valley, you never know what the previous occupants may have stashed.

Oh, we also have bookshelves and a fully functional, totally free of charge, 100% wooden framed authentic Dunmer bed. Satisfaction guaranteed or double your money back, and remember, twice nothing is still nothing!

CAUTION: When adding items to any of the display areas, don't add and remove items rapidly as it can cause problems.