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Added: 16/12/2011 - 06:13PM
Updated: 16/12/2011 - 08:31PM

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Last updated at 20:31, 16 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 18:13, 16 Dec 2011

Welcome to one of the releases of my texture overhaul wich, in this release, contains the Ebony armor in Bloody red, Aqua, Green, VioletRed

So far released parts of Armor AND Weapons


So far released parts of Armor only (YET)

Mod history:
- Release v1.0 : 16.12.2011
- Added white; extreme white; and black: 16.12.2011
- Added purple and gold trimmed by request: 16.12.2011
Also make sure to endorse to get updates and further textures of my current works :D

For the people who don't like it: I've put alot of time and work into these textures and even if you find them ugly as hell, please don't start flaming. There are people who like my mods alot.
So instead of flaming and trolling, please, PLEASE, tell me how you would find it better!
Flame doesn't help me. It simply destroys the mod itself. But good criticism is allowed and even wished. So don't hesitate and tell me how you would actually like it!

For suggestions in terms of new armor/weapon textures:


I DO accept requests aslong as it is a texture mod. I don't do meshes.. obiously because i started modding some days ago..

But I'm still happy to get messages to mod some textures. Keep me busy people!

Endorse it! Not enough people do, largely due to the requisite elapsed time for an endorsement. It adds an element of memory and effort that many users simply do not commit to. And I can understand that - I'm not blaming you, and you know who you are. I used to be the same way and, sometimes, to my great shame, I still am.
I'm told if you use the download manager it'll give you reminders. That sounds super-great to me!
Also submit pictures of your character wearing my retexture! I love seeing stuff like this!


1.) Download
2.) Extract to Skyrim/data
3.) ?????


1.) Search up your skyrim/data/textures folder
2.) delete the folder wich you want to delete

EXAMPLE: delete --> Skyrim/data/textures/armor/daedric

This will delete all your Ebony mods.

**Do not repost, rehost, remix, or include this work in another mod without permission.**
Do not be afraid to ask! Seriously. Feel free!