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This is NOT a standalone mod. You must first download Requiem - Roleplaying Overhaul first. Check out their page to see what it is all about.

This is an almost total remake of the original Requiem - Dragonborn. It requires a new game or a game where the cultists have not shown up. If you have not progressed through the quest very far you can attempt to use the savetool cleaner utility on the Nexus to remove the Dragonborn scripts from your save, which should allow you to start the quest line over.

What this mod does:


Makes NPCs on Solstheim a challenge for Requiem players. Cultists will NOT show until you have defeated Alduin. This area is designed for level 50+ Requiem characters that have access to some of the high end Requiem gear and Expert level spells and skills. I run Asis (increased spawns only) and my Immersive Creatures patch with Legendary difficulty and the default increased spawns. It is quite a challenge. Try this setup if you really want to feel like you have accomplished something.

There are new sets of equipment. I have added heavy focus on actually wearing complete sets to get bonuses. In Requiem fashion, most of these bonuses are not just thrown up on the screen so that you know they are applied. Check to see what is affecting you when you slip on a new piece of equipment. Some things take just two items of a set while others take full sets or even more including jewelry.

There are some new ways to upgrade items. If you see an item on a boss mob that you don't know what to do with. Save it and have it in your inventory when you go to temper your equipment or go to the forge. You never know.

I have left Requiem virtually untouched besides fixing a couple minor bugs. I made no changes to any systems that are in place. My changes are cosmetic and just give Solstheim a Requiem feel and difficulty.

I have been given permission by Natterforme to include his Daedric Lord and Daedric Mage items. These will represent the new Scourge armor and weapons that have been added. Scourge weapons were designed and forged by Malacath. You can summon them at the Atronach Forge. The Scourge items that you summon will kill you. It is not designed for mortals. You must find a way to alter these items so that you can wear them. The weapons will perform extra effects on beings from another plane of existence and will slow down their insane regen rate.

I have included these new armor sets and weapons:
Scourge Bow (uses standard daedric model)
Scourge Dagger (uses standard daedric model)
Scourge Sword (uses new models provided by Natterforme)
Scourge Greatsword (uses standard daedric model)
Scourge Waraxe (uses standard daedric model)
Scourge Greataxe (uses standard daedric model)
Scourge Mace (uses standard daedric model)
Scourge Greathammer (uses standard daedric model)
Scourge Staff
Scourge Arrows

Scourge Cuirass (Heavy, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Gauntlets (Heavy, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Helm (Heavy, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Boots (Heavy, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Mageplate Cuirass (Heavy, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Mageplate Boots (Heavy, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Mageplate Gauntlets (Heavy, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Heavy Hood (Heavy, unique model by Natterforme)

Scourge Hood (Cloth, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Gloves (Cloth, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Robe (Cloth, unique model by Natterforme)
Scourge Mage Boots (Cloth, unique model by Natterforme)

Vendil's Armor (Light, unique model by Natterforme)
Vendil's Gauntlets (Light, unique model by Natterforme)
Vendil's Hood (Light, unique model by Natterforme)
Vendil's Boots (Light, unique model by Natterforme)

Beast (One-handed sword, unique model by Natterforme)
The Legendary Scourge (Warhammer, unique model by Urwy)
Improved Spellbreaker (Shield, unique model by Urwy)

New Creatures:
Unseen Force (beefed up Invisible Entity)
Prowler (beefed up lurker)
Beast (beefed up lurker)
Behemoth (beefed up lurker)
Lurker Young (unique model by Vicn)
Tormenter (beefed up Seeker)
Overseer (beefed up Seeker)
Ash Giant (unique model by Vicn)
Ash Golem (unique model by Vicn)
Ash Elemental (unique model by Vicn)
Ash Storm (unique model by Vicn)
Solstheim Troll (unique model by Vicn)
Frost Lurker (2 unique models by Vicn)
Frost Storm (unique model by Vicn)
Flame Elemental (unique model by Vicn)
and more.....

Mod inclusions:

Weapons and Armor fixes mod changes included. (No patch required)
Clothing and Clutter fixes mod changes included. (No patch required)
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch mod changes included. (No patch required)

I spent almost a week fine tuning the Miraak fight. A lot of people seem to have script problems with the fight which can ruin your experience. This is a vanilla bug I equate to the opening carriage scene. A lot of scripts are running at this time and have to work in unison to be perfect. If you get script lag, the fight won't go as planned. I went through it with the bug and without several times. Each fight, whether I had the bug or not ended up near the same way and length.


In order for this mod to work you will need to have installed:

Skyrim with Dawnguard and Dragonborn.

Requiem Duh!

And use a bashed batch using Wrye Bash insuring that the NPC leveled lists and the item leveled list changes are merged with any other mods you are using.

other stuff (like armor and weapon mods)
Requiem - Resources.esp
Requiem - Dragonborn
Bashed Patch.esp
Nothing below this except ASIS. It works well. I recommend it.


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