The Dovahkiins Consorts - Standalone Follower Pack - CBBE and UNPB by HikoTanzaki
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This is a re-release and expansion of my previous set of standalone followers. Mostly providing updated textures/armors/meshes/level scaling, and combat styles, this shall also feature new followers, with one already being included (Soiree Velinoir). I shall continue to update this mod with new followers, and maybe eventually with fully scripted quests, and custom voiced dialogue.

That being said, the previous standalone mod pages shall be discontinued.

Also, submit your pics! I wanna see you and my companions in action :O

Completely Standalone
Females Available in both CBBE and UNPB body types.
Extra armor and weapon sets included (Mostly for those who lack the mods they come from)
Custom classes and combat styles
Levels with the player up to level 200 for those with the Community Uncapper
Able to be married
Background written by yours truly

Full Name: Soiree Velinoir

Race: Altmer Vampire

Location: Mara's Eye Pond

Combat Style: Frost Spellsword/Necromancer


Full Name: Alessio Moretti (West of Eldergleam Sanctuary)

Race: Imperial

Location: Hunter Jacuzzi Camp

Combat Style: Sniper


Full Name: Fulmine Kriegheit

Race: Breton

Location: Arcadia's Cauldron

Combat Style: Sword and Shield Paladin


Full Name: Nilvas Reinhardt

Race: Redguard

Location: Dushnikh Yal

Combat Style: 2 Handed Warrior/Paladin


Full Name: Manya Espinoza

Race: Breton Vampire

Location: Whiterun's Hall of the Dead

Combat Style: Flame Spellsword


Full Name: Hiko Tanzaki

Race: Imperial (Akaviri Descent)

Location: The Bannered Mare

Combat Style: Shock Spellsword


Full Name: Kayla Grunzwald

Race: Nord

Location: The Drunken Huntsman

Combat Style: Hunter


I can't find "Insert Name Here!"
My followers are not sandbox enabled, so they shouldn't go roaming around. Make sure they are installed correctly by opening the console and typing 'help "character name"' (minus all those quotes of course), and seeing if something appears.

I use a follower overhaul and "Name" won't listen to me!
Make sure you've placed my followers under the overhaul's esp in your load order.

Can you make a version with "insert body type here"?
Maybe. I'm pretty busy with work, so updates will come on a free time basis.

Can you change "Insert Follower Name Here"'s stats/spells?
Depends on the request and the demand for them. Feel free to edit the .esp to your liking however you wish though.

I found a bug/Something I think's a bug! What do I do now?
Tell me about it so I can try to fix it :O

Hey, some of these armors have weird stats/0 for a stat.
First, make sure you aren't talking about a cloth item if its a 0. Other than that, I simply copied the stats of the original armors (Though, If you notice a discrepancy, let me know, since I could have easily missed something). If you're a user of Tendo's Skyrim Redone, please make sure you've run the reproccer with these followers enabled in order to patch their equipment as well.

Do I have to do anything to switch from Single .ESP's to the Merged Versions?
Well, the form ID's are different than in the single follower .esp's, so I'm quite sure anything you leave on said follower is going to go poof. Your best bet is to take all your items from them, uninstall them, install the new version, and then go ahead and give the stuff back. Or just not care, like me :3

Gimme some feedback!

1. Alessio currently has a neckseam. Not exactly sure whether it's an armor or texture issue atm, but it'll be fixed whenever I figure out how to do so.

Amazing Follower Tweaks This opens up so many possibilities for followers. I've been a fan since day one, and as much as I liked UFO, I feel this is even better.

My Home is Your Home Simply allows you to change the location of "home" for your followers.

ASIS This plugin allows you to increase spawn sizes, randomize spawns, add potions to npcs, add perks to npcs who meet the requirements, and improve the AI of npcs by leaps and bounds (Including Followers, hint hint)

Deadly Dragons Tired of fighting dragons that keel over and die when you look at them? Made even worse because all of the awesome followers you have are nuking it? Well, Deadly Dragons allows you to tweak dragon encounters in many ways.

Skyrim Monster Mod Adds a HUGE amount of awesome creatures to fight to Skyrim's Wilds, along with a few items, such as weapons and things. It's pretty awesome.

Please, do not upload these files to any other site.

Fine Face Textures by Urshi

Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition

HelloSanta's SG Female Textures Renewal by HelloSanta

Women of Skyrim Face Textures by zzJay

Apachii Skyhair by apachii

Immersive Armors by hothtrooper44

Enhanced Character Edit by tktk1

MissAniThrope and chakaru11s C Eyes by MissAniThrope

The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam

R18Pn 01 - Eisen Platte Armor for UNP and CBBE V3 V2 by KURESE

R18Pn 01 - Eisen Platte Armor Royal ReTexture by messiasmummo

TERA Armor Collection - CBBE - standalone by Frigus

Demon Hunter Armor V2 - CBBEv3 by jmenaru

Infinity Blade Sword by Siberok

Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos by 0Prime0

Field Mage Outfit CBBEv3 Echo by Echo 1162

Unclaimed Delivery by SkyrimForDaWin and Reaper9111