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Hi, if you downloaded the old version of "True lovely Uthgerd" you already know what im working in. This old version had a few bugs that i already fixed thx to the community help.

For those who are new, this is simple. I reedited the model of some NPCs in game, such as Lydia or Uthgerd. This new models are totally lorefriendly, just make them younger, roughter, or anything they needed in my opinion. ive made independient files for you to choose whatever you want.

---What you can find here by now---

-English version of Uthger the Unbroken new model (ApachiiSkyHair)
-Version en español de Uthgerd la Indómita new model (ApachiiSkyHair)
-Lydia's new model


You only need the ApachiiSkyHair mod, which you can find here:

(know you need it EVEN if you choose a non-ApachiiSkyHair model, maybe i fix this in the future, maybe not, depends on community)

It would be great you had the last version of skyrim 1.9, because i didnt tested it in earlier versions, so i cant be sure itll work.


Let me know if there are any problem, and im open to suggestions, thx. And sorry for my english, i swear i do my best xD


As i said, im totally open to suggestion. let me know the char you think that i should change and i will work on it asap, but remember, i wont do any non-lore char, sorry. The easiest way to tell me what you want from a char, is making your own character in the "showracemenu" console command, design what are you thinking in, screen it and upload it, i will work in that


mikemillers - creator of this mod
apachii - creator of ApachiiSkyHair mod which i used in some models, all glory to him.

If you want to use this models in your mod just contact me, and dont forget apachii in the credits.