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[Requires SKSE/Skyrim Script Extender]
DON'T WORRY. The Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is easy to download and install. It allows this and other fantastic mods to be realised! So install that stuff!

Version: 1.5

This mod is work in progress. I know right, its gonna get EVEN BETTER.

Look here!

This is what you have all been waiting for! THE ULTIMATE SHIP MOD!!!!

Forget re-textured horses! Forget poor collision! This. Is. The. Real. DEAL

REAL-time SAILABLE ships/boats, with FULL re-bindable keys, full COLLISION with the terrain and as LORE friendly as lore friendly can be.

You can't be serious?

I have never been more serious in my LIFE!

This mod includes a FULLY crewed longboat for goodness sake! With a warm and cosy interior!

Now you can fight dragons, while on deck, while the ship is FREAKING gliding along the water.

All you gotta do is go to the >>Solitude docks<< near, guess what, Solitude. Speak to Papursis Slirmk or the boat salesman and gain access to the wondrous ability to sail the open waters.

Did I mention you could recruit a crew? That's right, a crew! Carpenters will repair your ship when damaged, whilst the Quartermaster will manage your finances. This is the ultimate ship simulation!

What the hell are the controls?

The arrow keys my good chum! But guess what! If you hate the arrow keys you can just rebind them! That's right, this mod features fullyre-bindable keys.

Oh and the ships take awhile to reach their top speed so make sure you keep pressing the arrow keys!

All you have to do is talk to the boat salesman and he'll tell you the rest!

-How do I install this fine mod?

-Make sure you have Skyrim Script Extender
-Extract the downloaded file.
-Place the .ESP into your Skyrim data folder and copy the script folder into the data folder.

To get the best performance out of this mod you must have a decent frame-rate when playing skyrim.


1.) Deactivate any ships that you currently have activated before updating.
2.) Copy the ESP and script folder into your Skyrim data folder

If the Boat Salesman is not located at the newly added port, leave the area (go far away), allowing the cell to reset and then return and wait there for some time. He has a tendency to run off like a pleb.


With all great things comes great report issues. So report issues if you see 'em otherwise they ain't gonna get fixed now are they?

-Upon updating if the Boat Salesman is not located at the newly added port, fast travel away and then return and he should have spawned.
-Collision with objects is not exactly perfect.
-The boat will judder a little bit. This problem will be amplified if you run skyrim with a poor framerate
-When reaching the edge of the map the boat will keep going and you will not, so make sure that doesn't happen. Seriously, otherwise bad things will happen.

Future Plans

-Introduce new types of ships (the longboat and galley, there static models are in the game)
-Ship battles
-AI ships
-Fix any bugs - if you encounter a bug post a comment informing me of what it is otherwise it will never be fixed.

[If you have encountered any problems or bugs PLEASE leave a comment so that I can address the issue! Otherwise it will never be fixed.]


Everything you love this mod has!

Version 1.5
-Adds the ability to re-bind keys
-The rowboat can be properly summoned with the summoning book now

Version 1.4
-Added the script I forgot to add. Hopefully that fixes things.

Version 1.3
-Fixed problems with button not activating
-Increased the acceleration of the longboat
-Added an interior to the longboat
-Added a crew system
-Added the ability for the ship to sink if it is not maintained
-Added a new area to the south of Solitude docks and near the Solitude Sawmill
-Hopefully fixed the rowboat salesman. The quest should progress now.
-Rewrote everything.

Version 1.2
-Added a sailable longboat
-Fixed a spelling error
-Stopped the boat being summoned at weird angles
-Added a boat saleman who will sell the long boat
-Stopped the button from spawning inside the boat when the row boat is summoned

Thanks to:
My Mother
And the Father
(Without which I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't understand vectors)