Splash of Rain by isoku
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Added: 02/07/2013 - 03:42PM
Updated: 24/02/2014 - 03:11AM

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Uploaded by isoku


Last updated at 20:11, 23 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 8:42, 2 Jul 2013

  • Fixed the issue with the mod disabling itself. Special thanks to roumensp for testing.

  • Increased splash amount and transparency. Added variations under Optional Files for more opaque or transparent splashes.
  • MCM options added for splash amount and interior rain volume.
  • Switch interior detection keyword to LocTypeDwelling to increase the number of buildings affected by the ambient rain audio.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue with the mod disabling itself.
  • Now available on Steam.


Compatible with all mods. Load order doesn't matter.


  • Rain impact splash effects appear on most uncovered surfaces during rain.
  • Ambient, rain sound effects play in interiors with keyword LocTypeDwelling.
  • Configure the relative number of splashes and the interior ambient volume through the MCM. Configuration requires SkyUI 3.0+ and SKSE.

Known Issues:

  • Interior rain sound effects are louder in first than third person.


Manual installers drop the files into your Data folder. NMM/BAIN: download the main file and add to your respective programs.


This mod automatically refreshes itself with each revision. Just remove the previous version and install the new version.


Make a save when it isn't raining then remove all installed files.