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This is a simple attempt to recreate my dragonborn and the main character of my Skyrim comics, which is silly so her looks and combat style might not be for everybody!!
Margot is a reformed skooma dealer (still carries some, just in case), so helpful that she joined both the Companions and the Dark Brotherhood. Had a little nervous breakdown due to the huge number of unfinished quests in her journal but she\'s better now (not really, ha).

Essential, levels with the player, knows Ice Form, melee only, sword & shield style. Skills: Sneak, Block, Light Armor, One-handed. Carries a sword and a stained Spellbreaker. Armor is upgradable (glass stats)

Location: inside Jorrvaskr

Required: Apachii SkyHair

The armor is a retexture of Triss outfit which belongs to CD Projekt RED. Made available for Skyrim by Fraper