Daedric Wrath - Sniper Bow by OutLaw666
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Last updated at 10:38, 17 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 12:29, 30 Jun 2013

<-------<< DAEDRIC WRATH - SNIPER BOW >>------->

Fully Craftable Daedric Bow with Sights for Short- and Long Range Sniping --- Designed to play without HUD-Crosshair

<-------<< SHOWCASE >>------->

Thanks to Brodual!

Please note that this video shows an early version!

<-------<< INSTALLL-UNISTALL >>------->


Use NMM (the Nexus Mod Manager) to install or uninstall.
NMM Tutorial


1.)Download and install the mainfile

2.)ONLY IF YOU ARE USING SkyRe: Download and install the SkyRe Longbow Patch file. Afterwards run reproccer.
(my patch only adds the keyword so that reproccer can recognize it as a longbow/without using the Skyre Longbow Patch reproccer will recognize it as a shortbow)

Just remove the files.

<-------<< >>------->

Data/meshes/Weapons/Sniper Sight Bows/Daedric/daedricbowskinned.nif
Data/Textures/Weapons/Sniper Sight Bows/Daedric/----------(here are the textures)

IF YOU WANT A REPLACER use Cut and Paste to make the folderstructure look like this:

Data/Textures/Weapons/Sniper Sight Bows/Daedric/----------(here are the textures)

and Delete the .esp.

<-------<< How To Get In Game >>------->

-It is under "Daedric", can be crafted at any Forge (daedric smithing perk required)
-It is Improveable and Enchantable

or via Console:

1.)type: help "Daedric Wrath" -and the Daedric Wrath will show up with its ID
2.)type: player.additem xxxxxxxx 1 (instead of x type the numbers of the id)

<-------<< RECOMMENDATIONS >>------->

I highly recommend to use:
ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks (50% faster arrows)
+ Disable the HUD (much more fun) or at least disable crosshair and sneakeye using:
Immersive Hud
Also useful:
Simple Crosshair Choose "oblivion style sneak eye" to move the sneak eye down betwen health and magica bar. works great in combination with iHud.

Better eagle eye and steady hand perks for a higher zoom-in with eagle eye perk.

SKYRIM.INI TWEAKS Highly Recommended!(make a backup first)



This bow is part of the Scoped Bows mod!

Comments, Endorsements and Pictures are always appreciated!