Serana is Really a Vampire by Digipup
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Added: 29/06/2013 - 11:08PM
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This requires Dawnguard. For those who couldn't figure that out.

This is a really simple mod - it marks Serana's race as NordVampire rather than just Nord.
As it should be.
Forewarning - it comes with side effects. Skyrim's vampires are quite ugly, and the game doesn't happily make exceptions. If you want her to be a vampire but still be pretty, this mod isn't for you. But this will (obviously) make it so that she is affected by mods such as 'Female Vampires Have Fangs.' And do not leave me comments saying 'Why would anyone want this', please. If someone can make it, there's probably someone out there will want it. That, and I was surprised to find there wasn't a simple mod like this on the Nexus. Who knew?

I will soon be coming out with a version that retains her Vanilla appearance. I will also soon be coming out with a better screenshot!

This is my first mod and it was created after the Dawnguard quests were mostly finished, so I'm not sure what it will conflict with or what oddities may occur. However, if Serana suddenly shows up wearing an Iron Man costume and singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips, it wasn't me.

Nothing here belongs to me, it's all Bethesda's - I'm just a tinkerer.