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Glowing Items V2
Version 1.2

SkyUI for MCM.
SKSE 1.6.14 or later.

In the sleeping giant inn is a giant ring in Delphin's room, Every time it's equipped an
explosion will happen and the items below will light up. the glow will only last 60 second
before it goes away.

Food Red
Gold Green
Potion SkyBlue
Poison Pink
Raw Food Blue
Ingredients Green
Pelts, (Includes Leather and Leather strips) Red
Gems Blue
Weapons Blue turns SkyBlue
Armor SkyBlue
Jewelry Purple
Ore and Ingots Purple
Containers Red is filled. the shader will be removed if you equip the ring again after emptying the container.
Owned by NPC's White
These are based on Keywords so it should be good for all DLC.

The explosion is harmless it's just used to trigger the script and apply the effect shader.

The ring is only giant, so it can be found. I'll do something about it later. I've set the range at 1200, so it should fill a medium sized room. you need to wait a few seconds between explosions, so the aliases can be emptied and refilled with items.

The books in the one picture are glowing because of Unread Books Glow. since that mod works better then anything I could do I'm not doing books.

Manual Install
Put the esp and Scripts folder in the Data folder and check the box in the launcher to

enable the mod.

Manual Uninstallation
Uncheck the esp in the launcher and delete any script the has aaaaglowing.

Items that have problems glowing.
Poison bottles: some don't glow and others only the stopper glows.
Deathbell: Only the underside glows.
Gourd: the leaves don't glow.
Leek: Looking down from the top doesn't glow.

if the items don't glow try typing stopquest in the console with ` with one of the quests below related to the item you are trying to make glow.
after that type startquest with the same quest you just stopped.