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Included in Relics of Hyrule

Video explaining locations now available!

For a 12 minute, visual version of the description, see these videos:

Short Demo
Longer Demo

And here's a something for those who want a less overpowered version

This mod does something very simple: it adds three deliberately overpowered arrows to the game based on magic arrows from The Legend of Zelda.
They make explosions happen.
Awesome explosions.

The Fire Arrows explode with a big fiery ball that is visible from space*, launching enemies and setting them on fire. The initial blast does 100 points of damage and burns for 20 seconds, doing 15 points of damage each second. Low level enemies (if they somehow survived that) will flee from battle. The arrow itself is equal in strength to an Ebony arrow

The Ice Arrows explode with a chilled blast that deals 100 points of frost damage, freezing enemies solid and slowing those who survive. The arrow itself is equal in strength to an Ebony arrow.

The Light Arrows are the most deadly, exploding with a blinding ethereal light, making enemies flee from battle. Those that survive the initial blast suffer 40 points of shock damage for 20 seconds, collapsing into a pile of ash upon death. If an enemy is lucky enough to be killed by the arrow itself (weaker than an Iron Arrow), then they will not disintegrate.
The Light Arrow deals more damage to undead and will disintegrate dragons as well, making the absorption of a Dragon Soul silent and unnervingly calm.

*Not actually visible from space.

The arrows can be found in chests at three shrines scattered throughout Skyrim. The chests respawn every ten game days or so. They are not marked on your map, but are near landmarks.

The Fire Shrine and Ice Shrine contain three arrows each, while the Light Shrine only contains one.

The arrows are deliberately overpowered and are really meant to be used as last resorts against Knevel the Tongue because he's a poopyhead.

Still lost? Well,
SPOILER: Go to Geirmund's Hall and walk east until you find the Fire Shrine [more info on its location soon]. Nearby will be a note hinting where the Ice Shrine is.

To find the Ice Shrine, go to Septimus Signus' Outpost north of Winterhold and keep going north until you reach The Chill. Or just get arrested in Winterhold.
The Ice Shrine is on top of The Chill, next to the ore veins.
Near it is a note explaining where to find the Light Shrine.

The Light Shrine is very close to Peryite's Shrine, so go there and climb the hill nearby. The Light Shrine will be nestled away among some trees.

Here's a video explaining that spoiler text visually: