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Version 1.3 Update

This is an NMM enabled file. You'll have a choice of 2, 3 or 4 beds with space for Shezries Kitchen and also one option with 4 beds and the alchemy room. I really hope it works like it's supposed to. If not, yell at me in the comments section or pm me. Thank you to XunAmarox for her help with this. Head over there and give her some Kudos.

Version 1.2b Update

I've added two esp's. One with 2 child beds and one with 3. I reduced the flickering in the house and I'm hoping some of you would be kind enough to tell me if it worked. Thank you to SkyTruc for the initial testing and thanks in advance to those who are willing to help out. You need the main file that contains the bsa if you haven't downloaded it already.

Version 1.2 Update

Taking into consideration how many of you use Shezrie's Hearthfire Kitchens , I have updated my Lakeview interior to accommodate his mod.
Removed the Troll and Bear trophies at the entrance to the main hall and replaced them with an alchemy and enchanting crafting table, leaving the back space open for the kitchen.

- Included in the archive are 3 esp's: A 2 bed version of the children's room, a 3 bed version and a 4 bed version. Please use only one.
(If there is enough interest I will make two more versions adding a 5th and 6th bed.)
- Also included in the archive is a modified version of TMPhoenix's Multikid Mod (with his permission). This modification takes away the markers that make the children want to use the upstairs beds. I removed the two beds upstairs and made that alcove a little "reading room", which leaves the double bed upstairs for your Housecarl and Steward. (I don't play with followers, but I could be persuaded to make more beds available in the cellar or something)
Please note that you still need his mod for this to work
- Added two more chairs to the dining room table, as well as some static objects, so if you build the house from scratch, you'll have those floating until you build the table.



If you have more than two children, TMPhoenix's Multikid Mod


Optional file :

I placed two extra beds in the downstairs room and tagged the two upstairs beds as BYOH_Adoption, so technically, you have six childrens beds.
PLEASE NOTE: that this is only an optional file and wasn't intended to go with the original mod. I adopted 3 more kids, and sometimes they use the beds, sometimes not. It's not a gamebreaker though.
I also cleaned out the Alchemy/Enchanting room so you can use Shezries Kitchen. Tested it myself and it works fine.

My apologies for not including an NMM option. I will add that as soon as I figure out how.
It's a bsa and esp though, so manually installing and uninstalling is really easy.




This mod aims to improve the interior of Lakeview Manor. Mostly aesthetic. I have yet to learn how to make proper use of General Stores.
I have built it according to my preferences, so some of you might not like it. Hopefully it caters to most users.

To use this mod you need the following three wings in Lakeview:

The Bedroom
The Storage Room
The Armory
Anything else will cause issues with walls and objects that shouldn't be there

The Bedroom has been converted to a kids room, the Storage Room to the Main Bedroom and the Armory to the uhh... Armory. With more stuff.
All 3 rooms feature wooden floors instead of the vanilla (cold) stone.
None of the storage will respawn.
Please check the screenshots.


If you haven't built the manor yet, you still need to build the rooms. Especially in the children's room as I used the vanilla beds and they are not there until you build them. Building the items also places the necessary markers for the NPC's. Just remove the workbenches like you would normally.
If you have built the house, everything will be replaced in the three rooms and the small room.
Also, because you have to build everything, some items will already be inside the house if you are building from scratch. One or two things will be floating, but as soon as everything is built, these objects will be in place.
If your NPC's seem to walk into things or if the click triggers don't work, exit and re-enter the manor.

If you load the mod and you have clutter and duplicates everywhere, please follow these steps:
(Remember to take all your stuff from the house first)

1. Go into a different cell ( Pinewatch around the corner) Quit the game
2. Load the game without my mod.
3. Make a CLEAN save (not a quicksave) Quit the game
4. Load the save in 3., make another clean save. Quit the game
5. Check my mod in your mod list, load the game and the interior should be fixed.


- Similar to my standalone Lakeview Armory Remodel, except that I added 2 more chests, 2 more dagger displays and 2 extra mannequins.
- In all there are 6 dagger displays, 2 large weapon display cases, 10 mannequins, 6 storage chests, 6 chest of drawers, 2 weapon racks (with 5 slots each) and 6 weapon plaques.

Kids Room:

- The two beds are in the same position as in the vanilla house
- Added various idle markers so they won't just stand around (there is a dummy as well, but they don't use it for some reason. Working on that)
- Added a fireplace
- Added various items but left a good portion of the floor open. Kids need space. Especially if one of them adopted an annoying fox that constantly gets underfoot.

Main Bedroom:

- I separated the Kids- and Main Bedroom because it is just not right to have you parents get all frisky while you are trying to sleep.
- Added some bookshelves
- Another fireplace
- 3 small "jewelery chests" and normal sized player chest
- Wardrobe, chest of drawers, strongboxes and various other containers.
- 2 dagger displays

Small room adjacent to Main Bedroom:

- Turned this into an alchemy/enchanting room.
- Ample storage for potions and ingredients (not labelled)
- 6 "greenhouse-style" planters. (well, 3 planters, but space for 6 plants)
- One shelf is a potion rack that can store 12 potions, bookshelf-style

Rest of the manor:

- Changed all the display cases to trigger activated ones.
- Got rid of that annoying kettle by the fireplace (My character is a vamp but even her toes must have started hurting from constantly kicking it)
- Removed a lot of barrels. Honestly, I know clutter looks good, but the amount of barrels is ridiculous
- Added two working Mead Barrels below the stairs
- Added a bear and a troll on pedestals. (I will make these like the ones in the Trophy Room soon)
- More bookshelves. Kids need to read.
- Various other small changes.


Extract the contents of the archive to your .../Skyrim/Data folder


Delete the .esp and .bsa

Known Issues and compatibility:

- I don't think this is related to this mod, but one child gets out of bed on the wrong side (against the wall) Only once though. For some reason.

- Anything that changes the interior of the manor will probably result in some weirdness.
- Should you encounter anything out of place or not working properly, please let me know so that I can make work of it.

Please endorse if you like this mod. It gave me nightmares and an unnatural amount of grey hair.


A BIG THANK YOU to the following modders for their resources:

- Oaristys & Tony67 - Fantastic resources guys. Love it.
- Blary, who seems to have a thing for all things alchemical
- Tamira for her Rocking Horse and Walery Nowak for the original model
- YNSTBIH for providing clean rugs.
- Artisanix for the paintings
- Bethesda

If I've left anyone out, please forgive me.