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ATTENTION! I have finally made it back home so I can finally start working on the mod again. I'm going to try to work on Master Spark, Milky Way, and try to find a way to do Sakuya's time stop ability.

Hey guys, I am new to modding Skyrim, and new to the site as well. Upon searching I can't seem to find any mods that relate to Touhou at all, so I decided to start working on one myself.

I just started working on it last night, and I have a lot of plans that I hope to do for this mod.
Things I hope for:
-Companions (Solely based on the characters of Touhou)
-New Custom Spells (Which are considered spell cards)
-New Land (Gensokyo of course)
-I hope to be able to put it all into one .esp so it won't need to rely on anything.

Now I will explain how I want this mod to hopefully finish, I will of course release the mod when I am done with Marisa and continue to work on the rest of Touhou from there. But I really just want to integrate Touhou into the Skyrim world. Making the girls from Touhou, and their spells, some neat collectibles and try to have their personalities set on the game, and include some fandom here and there. I'm going to make the spells for the girls, solely just for them, where they can cast at will, have their voice play while charging those spells ect, ect. But because the spells are restricted to just the girls, I wanted to give something to the players at least, so they can cast these spells. The way I hope to do this is through "Spell Cards." It's basically new items in the Scroll section that will allow you to cast the spells that the girls can do.. Without their voice of course. Which I want to make the girls a vendor as well so they can sell their spell cards to you. I want to try to make each companion or each Touhou girl unique according to the game, and how you might actually run into them. For instance I hope to make the run in with Marisa Kirisame where she is attempting to steal from Solitude, or have you run into her arguing with someone saying she's not stealing she's "borrowing" and saving it from dust.

Where I am at so far:
Of course I am going to keep this updated as much as possible, but what I finished and what I am doing now. As you can see below I am mainly focusing on just one character, and hope to build up from there.

Marisa Kirisame
-Custom Spell: Master Spark *DONE*
-Custom Spell: Milky Way *DONE*
-Custom Sounds for Master Spark *DONE*
-Custom Sounds for Milky Way *DONE*
-Custom Voice for Marisa while using Master Spark *DONE*
-Custom texture for spells that doesn't overwrite anything *DONE*
-Companion Marisa Kirisame *DONE*
-Fully voiced Marisa
-Custom clothes for Marisa Kirisame *In Progress*
-Custom Eye Textures for Marisa Kirisame *DONE*
-Custom Hair for Marisa Kirisame

So far I've been doing this solo, I will add videos and pictures of my work so far. I'm going to attempt to find a voice actor that can do Marisa's voice but that's for another time.

If you would like to contact me, if you'd like to help or have suggestion or hell just to be my friend the best way you can contact me is on steam.