Stranger Danger - Children can be pick-pocketed or killed by mrjentipede
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Added: 27/06/2013 - 08:37AM
Updated: 01/07/2013 - 05:06PM

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Last updated at 17:06, 1 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 8:37, 27 Jun 2013

Killable, pick-pocketable and lootable children

Extract into the Skyrim/Data folder and make sure it is checked on the load order; that's it!

Recommended pairing with Child Skeletons.

Why make a mod that lets you kill kids, are you sick?
I'm not even interested in killing the kids, I just don't like the idea that they are invulnerable. I want immersion and I don't think a subject being taboo is a good enough reason to have invincible npc's running all over town.

What distinguishes this from other killable children mods?
Stretching bug has been fixed, children can still interact with world items, they can also be pick-pocketed, they are not playable, no npcs are modified for maximum compatibility, compatible with all DLC but none is required, killcam still works on kids and decapitation is disabled for them (they don't have the decapitation model data, anyway), the dragon bite & toss finisher is disabled (the animation doesn't match up).

Be warned, kids have no resistance to magic, no armour and low HP, so they will probably be the first to go during a Dragon attack or vampire raid. I strongly recommend that people use the Run for your Lives and When Vampires Attack mods. Quest-related children are NOT marked essential and thus can be killed and break a quest.

This is for the horribly ugly "potato-head" vanilla children; if you use Xvision Children and want this, head over to Kids of Skyrim for the XV edition.

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