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Be both Werewolf AND Vampire whilst using your favourite associated mods! Compatible with most Vampire & Werewolf mods and now even has support for Undeath
New Update contains Hybrid races and functionality!

You can choose to skip the side-effects and just have shape-shifting if you want! The best of both worlds!
Use Vampire or Werewolf abilities on your NON Vampire/Werewolf play through! Just perform the ritual...

Skyrim Special Edition - Click Here!

Oldrim/Skyrim Original/Legendary - Click Here!

  • Be one or both of Vampire / Werewolf
  • Hybrid humanoid races - with added bonuses - details in sections below
  • Acquire the abilities in the normal ways within game
  • Have access to just the shape-shifting if you wish (don't have to deal with Vampire & Werewolf side effects)
  • Works with most Vampire & Werewolf mods
  • Should work with most other shape-shift related mods
  • Should work with some custom race mods - however note that the game doesn't handle custom races very well when dealing with Vampirism
  • Works with all other mods
  • Cure quests still work as normal
  • Easy to uninstall/reset if you decide this mod isn't for you
  • Added Tainted Blood Calling power - once per day you may temporarily call on your mixed blood for 60sec, combining Dragonborn, Werewolf, and Vampire aspects. This will equip your main Vampire Lord spell (transform into Vampire Lord form every few levels to ensure it's updated), Werewolf melee damage and damage resistance, your existing equipped gear & buffs, increased movement speed, and the shout "Unrelenting Force". The Vampire Lord drain spell will also advance your Vampire Lord perks if it gets the killing blow - same as when in Vampire Lord form. You can switch to other weapons and spells whilst the power is active if you like... but there's not much point since they receive not buffs/enhancements from this ability, although different shouts might be useful... Intended for sudden turns in battle, I think this may still need some more work... so please give me feedback and suggestions.

Comments & Feedback welcomed!!

You are not a mere mortal, you have Dragon blood within you granting you many strengths, the ability to absorb Dragon souls, and mastery over the Thu'um.

Your Dragon blood also allows you to carry both gifts of Hircine and Molag Bal simultaneously - allowing you to be both a Vampire and a Werewolf at the same time... well it does now anyway.This should function properly with most mods, including other Werewolf & Vampire mods, and even Undeath... see the compatibility list below.

There are no special actions or spells required, just obtain the gifts/taints in-game as you normally would - except now they won't override each other. Whilst this mod is installed, you will have an active spell affect showing that you can be both Vampire & Werewolf.

Tainted Blood Ritual
Casting the Tainted Blood Ritual lesser power will enable you to "Pacify" or "Embrace" each of your gifts...
Make sure you're in a safe place to cast this as you may injure others around you, and you'll be temporarily weakened after performing this act.

The chosen gift is effectively cured:
  • Requires a Human Heart ingredient to complete
  • No passive resistances or weaknesses
  • No Dawnguard/Silverhand harassment
  • No weakness to silver, fire, or sunlight
  • No other human enhancements - the game does not consider you Werewolf/Vampire
  • You can still transform into Vampire Lord/Werewolf forms and access their perk trees - note that relevant perks that apply to humanoid form won't function
  • Castle Volkihar vampires will still treat you as a vampire

Embrace (Default)
The chosen gift is fully active - all pros & cons - including those from mods - active at all times, with a couple of exceptions...
  • Requires a Daedric Heart ingredient to complete
  • Werewolf form - vampire weakness to sunlight will not apply
  • Vampire Lord form - weakness to silver won't apply, the Silverhand shouldn't appear and attack you, Lunar transformations won't trigger
  • Weaknesses & Resistances to Fire/Frost/etc will remain active at all times, and stack
  • Whilst in (normal) Humanoid form you will have all the humanoid traits of both Werewolf and Vampire. This includes weakness to sunlight, Vampiric appearance, comments from NPCs, etc. The game considers you a full Werewolf/Vampire - both if you embrace both gifts
  • Night Cloak (if you have the perk) will now activate for the Werewolf as well, and nearby Wolves will now also become allies with the Vampire Lord form.

You can choose to only have 1 fully active/embraced gift if you wish - it all depends on how you want to play

Hybrid Humanoid Races --new in v4!
  • Activate using the Embrace menu in the Ritual
  • Must have BOTH Vampire and Werewolf embraced first - gotta be full-blooded
  • Small passive bonus to movement speed
  • Small passive bonus to attack speed
  • Small passive bonus to unarmed damage
  • No negative effects from sunlight during combat, and for 20sec after
  • New appearance in the form of darkened skin (Werewolf mixed with Vampire), the skin tone varies depending on the race
  • No change to feeding, magic, armor or any other game mechanics
  • Requires a Human Heart, Daedra Heart, and Blood Potion ingredients to enable
  • Compatibility patch available for Imperious - Races of Skyrim in the Optional files

Options to cure your chosen gift and remove the mod in order to go back to Vanilla OR reset & re-gift both gifts for those having difficulties.

Please endorse if you like or use this mod!

- Dawnguard & Dragonborn.... which are included in Skyrim SE anyway

Notes & Gotchas
  • To keep it vanilla & mod friendly, Hircine's ring just needs to be in your inventory if you've Pacified the Werewolf - a lesser power is available to you - don't need to equip it. If you accidentally equip it and the power disappears, just cast the Pacify ritual again
  • Feeding each form is independent - Werewolves eat hearts, Vampires drink blood (also the game mechanics are different)
  • You can cure & regain the gifts as many times as you like (I've lifted the vanilla Beastblood re-gift restriction).
  • Castle Volkihar don't like Werewolves and the Companions don't like Vampire Lords - they will attack if you transform around them!
  • I'm unsure how this will function with custom races. I've written it to be mindful of custom races (and hopefully work fine), but have not been able to test it properly
  • You need to change back to human form before entering the other form. Some hotkey mods may allow you to cast Vampire Lord form whilst in Werewolf form. If you do this, the game doesn't get a chance to set things back properly and will mess up everything up
  • I'm unsure of the behaviour of Vampire thralls/minions obtained through mods when you shift to Werewolf form. Feedback would be appreciated.
  • Unless Pacified - both Vampires and Werewolves have Disease immunity. These means each one will block the other form from being contracted via diseases.
    1. This means becoming a Werewolf will prevent you from contracting Sanguinare Vampiris and thus becoming a Vampire through the disease.
    2. This means becoming a Vampire will prevent you from contracting some form of Lycanthropy disease
    3. You can't use a disease to obtain your second gift. To utilise both, the 2nd gift can be done through the relevant gift givers /quests in the game (Aela, Harkon, Serana) in any order, at any time... mods can also be used
    4. Using the new ritual power above can turn off this immunity if you choose
  • Some NPCs will still comment on your "pale skin" if you've embraced Hybrid and actually have dark skin
  • Being cured by Falion should be fine in most cases, but I recommend pacifying Hybrid race first
  • Using Auriel's Bow on the sun too soon after combat ends may lose it's effect if you're embraced Hybrid race (just do it again and it should be fine)

As with ALL mods - you should test/check that the mod functions correctly for your needs BEFORE continuing your playthrough of the game. If it doesn't work as desired, remove mod and load previous save.

Please let me know if you encounter issues so I can try to fix them

I've tried to keep this as generic as possible and it should be compatible with most Vampire & Werewolf mods - as that's where the real fun lies in playing these types of characters! More testing & feedback may be required here, however.
This mod will clash with some other "hybrid" mods that enable you to be both Vampire & Werewolf - remove them first.
I can confirm that my mod is currently working with the following awesome supernatural themed Mods:

Others Vampire & Werewolf should work, I just haven't specifically tested others myself. If anyone would like to test and verify, I'll include the results here :)

If there's ANY of the files listed below in your \Data\Scripts directory - there is a clashing mod, and it will overwrite mine, no matter what the load order is

All non Vampire/Werewolf/Shapeshift mods work perfectly fine!
Any mod that modifies these scripts will clash in some form... might mean you can't obtain both gifts, might break something else - all depends on what they've modified, but usually it's only hybrid mods that will clash anyway...

Don't install this mod whilst in Werewolf or Vampire Lord form - shift back to human form and save game first!
Use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or manually download and extract the files to your Skyrim\Data folder. I recommend NMM.

Make sure you load my mod AFTER Undeath, if you have it

If you decide this mod isn't for you - un-installation is easy and won't break your game. Simply cast the Lesser Power "Tainted Blood Ritual", choose "Cleanse", and choose which gifts/taints you would like to remove/cure/reset. Then save your game, exit, and un-install this mod by deleting the relevant files in your Skyrim\Data folder or by using NMM. I recommend NMM.

If upgrading from older than v3
Best to clean up the old version first, sorry. This is due to the overhaul of the mod not being upgradable from the very old version.
  • Use the uninstall power
  • Delete mod
  • Load game without this mod
  • Save game
  • Install mod
  • Continue playing

If running v3 or above - Nice and simple...
  • Save your game in human form
  • Exit and remove existing version of Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn. Yes, you must remove it. Don't need to worry about using clease/uninstall powers
  • Install new version of Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn
  • Load game and enjoy (verify things working properly before continuing your play through).

Change Log
  • Fixed RedGuard Hybrids being too dark
  • Reduced the amount of weakening after casting the ritual
  • Added Tainted Blood Calling power - once per day you may temporarily call on your mixed blood for 60sec, combining Dragonborn, Werewolf, and Vampire aspects. This will equip your main Vampire Lord spell (transform into Vampire Lord form every few levels to ensure it's updated), Werewolf melee damage and damage resistance, your existing equipped gear & buffs, increased movement speed, and the shout "Unrelenting Force". The Vampire Lord drain spell will also advance your Vampire Lord perks if it gets the killing blow - same as when in Vampire Lord form

  • Hybrid humanoid races - embrace it and walk around like a true Hybrid!
  • Cross-over of some abilities when transforming - more true Hybrid functionality. More to come at some stage
  • A couple of interesting books have shown up in the College of Winterhold
  • Fixed a bug where Embracing too early in the game caused Sacrosanct to change you into a Nord
  • Compatibility patch available for Imperious - Races of Skyrim in the Optional files

  • Added re-gifting feature in the "Cleanse" menu of the Ritual - this will cure each gift and re-gift them back again. This will be useful for a few users experiencing challenges with other mods curing opposing gifts.
  • Added a bugfix/safeguard to ensure that camera is in 3rd person when receiving Harkon's/Serana's gift (vanilla game engine doesn't detect transformations properly after and kind of race change happens in 1st person, unless you save & load)

  • Stopped disabling a particular Vampire flag whilst in Werewolf form - looks like it was causing some Vampire mods to occassionally get confused, shift you back and potentially cure you.This now means that Dawnguard can show up, and your Vampirism stages can progess whilst in Werewolf form - the stages from lack of feeding, that is (not perks or anything like that).
  • Ported to original/legendary Skyrim

  • Added feature to allow Castle Volkihar vampires to always speak to you with this mod enabled
  • Removed an extra debug message I forgot to disable
  • Fixed ritual animation so it can't be bypassed

  • Rewritten with new design, using some code fragments from the original mod.
  • By far the most stable and effective version yet.
  • If running a version previous to this -> use uninstall power, delete mod, load game, save game, install mod, continue playing

Apologies I never finished updating the original mod to version 2... this was never finished due to the complexity of the features I was trying to add, my lack of scripting skills, I stopped playing, and general life got in the way.

  • Changed mechanics for suspending Werewolf stuff whilst in Vampire Lord form - you'll no longer have "Beast Form" removed & re-added, it will now stay in your favorites menu.
  • Added option in the Uninstall Spell to just reset the main controlling spells.
  • Implemented mod update feature so relevant spells and effects are now only reset on mod update. (also stops text showing up in corner of screen each time you load).

  • Fixed minor bug where some players may not have had Werewolf stuff suspended whilst in Vampire Lord form as designed
  • Increased compatibility for custom races - still need further testing though