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Coming soon...
Version 2 will have different modes to allow greater compatibility with other mods, as well as give you greater choice & flexibility as to how you wish to play the game with or without the gifts of Vampirism or Lycanthropy.

You are not a mere mortal, you have Dragon blood within you granting you many strengths, the ability to absorb Dragon souls, and mastery over the Thu'um.

Your Dragon blood also allows you to carry both gifts of Hircine and Molag Bal simultaneously - allowing you to be both a Vampire and a Werewolf at the same time... well it does now anyway.

Whilst in Werewolf form you do not have the strengths & weaknesses of Vampires - this means no bonus resistance to frost, no weakness to fire, no weakness to sunlight and no strengths & weaknesses provide by other Vampire Mods. The game considers you a Werewolf only.

Whilst in Vampire Lord form, you do not have the Werewolf weakness to silver, no Beastblood, no access to the Underforge, and no other strengths or weaknesses of Werewolves added by other mods. The game considers you a Vampire only.

Whilst in (normal) Humanoid form you will have all the humanoid traits of both Werewolf and Vampire. This includes weakness to sunlight, access to the Underforge, comments from NPCs, etc. The game considers you both a Werewolf and a Vampire.

There are no special actions or spells required, just obtain the gifts/taints in-game as you normally would - except now they won't override each other. Whilst this mod is installed, you will have an active spell affect showing that you can be both Vampire & Werewolf - even if you have not obtained them.

- Dawnguard

Notes & Gotchas
  • Feeding each form is independent - Werewolves eat hearts, Vampires drink blood (also the game mechanics are different)
  • Every time you change into Werewolf form whilst also being a Vampire will increase your "Vampire cure counter". It's a stat tracked by the game. I had to do it this way in order to keep compatibility with other vampire mods. Most people won't care about this stat, but I'm calling it out for those that do.
  • Disease immunity - both Vampires and Werewolves have Disease immunity. These means each one will block the other form from being contracted via diseases.
    1. This means becoming a Werewolf will prevent you from contracting Sanguinare Vampiris and thus becoming a Vampire through the disease.
    2. This means becoming a Vampire will prevent you from contracting some form of Lycanthropy disease that you may have enabled through another mod.
    3. You can't use a disease to obtain your second gift. To utilise both, the 2nd gift can be done through the relevant gift givers /quests in the game (Aela, Harkon, Serana) in any order, at any time. Mods can also be used.
  • You can cure & regain the gifts as many times as you like (lifted the vanilla Beastblood regift restriction).
  • I'm unsure how this will function with custom races. I've written it to be mindful of custom races (and hopefully work fine), but have not been able to test it properly as yet
  • You need to change back to human form before entering the other form. Some hotkey mods may allow you to cast Vampire Lord form whilst in Werewolf form. If you do this, the game doesn't get a chance to set things back properly and will mess up your Vampire skills.
  • I'm unsure of the behavior of Vampire thralls/minions obtained through mods when you shift to Werewolf form. Feedback would be appreciated.

As with ALL mods - you should test/check that the mod functions correctly for you needs BEFORE continuing your playthrough of the game. If it doesn't, remove mod and load previous save.

Please let me know if you encounter issues so I can try to fix them

I've tried to keep this as generic as possible and it should be compatible with most Vampire & Werewolf mods - as that's where the real fun lies in playing these types of characters! More testing & feedback may be required here, however.

This mod will clash with some other "hybrid" mods that enable you to be both Vampire & Werewolf - remove them first.

I can confirm that my mod is currently working with the following Mods:
  • Better Vampires 6.1 & 6.2, 6.31 looks to have some compatibility issues at the moment.
  • Royal Bloodline
  • Moonlight Tales - the use of Werebear form not quite working correctly yet, stick to Werewolf for now.
  • Werewolf Mastery
  • Yet Another Werewolf Improvement

These mods should work. I've inspected the mod files, but not tested in-game:
  • Tales of Lycanthropy
  • Nature of the Beast 2
  • True Death

Others should work, I just haven't specifically tested others myself. If anyone would like to test and verify, I'll include the results here :)

These mods may not function correctly with my mod due to changing into Werewolf form may reset your Vampire rank/exp/powers/etc... Would love it if someone could confirm these in-game for me.
  • Belua Sanguinare Revisited
  • Vampiric Thirst

Although this mod won't clash or break most other mods, it affects a couple Vampire mods upon Werewolf transition as listed above. I'll try to improve the compatibility.
  • Add support Werebear form in Moonlight Tales mod
  • Add support for BSR

Don't install this mod whilst in Werewolf or Vampire Lord form - shift back to human form and save game first.
Use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or manually download and extract the files to your Skyrim\Data folder. I recommend NMM.

If you decide this mod isn't for you - un-installation is easy and won't break your game. Simply cast the Lesser Power "Cleanse Tainted Blood" and choose which gifts/taints you would like to remove/cure/reset. Then save your game, exit, and un-install this mod by deleting the relevant files in your Skyrim\Data folder or by using NMM. I recommend NMM.

Nice and simple...
  1. Save your game in human form
  2. Exit and remove existing version of Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn. Yes, you must remove it.
  3. Install new version of Tainted Blood of the Dragonborn
  4. Load game and enjoy (verify things working properly before continuing your play through).

You do not need to use the Cleanse spell - that's only if you want to permanently remove the mod.

Thanks & Kudos
A big thank you to the people who have assisted in testing and improving this mod (in no particular order)...

Change Log
  • Changed mechanics for suspending Werewolf stuff whilst in Vampire Lord form - you'll no longer have "Beast Form" removed & re-added, it will now stay in your favorites menu.
  • Added option in the Uninstall Spell to just reset the main controlling spells.
  • Implemented mod update feature so relevant spells and effects are now only reset on mod update. (also stops text showing up in corner of screen each time you load).

  • Fixed minor bug where some players may not have had Werewolf stuff suspended whilst in Vampire Lord form as designed
  • Increased compatibility for custom races - still need further testing though