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Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn.
Craft Gems and Soul Gems in the Geomorphic Device.
Craft Scroll Spiders in the Imbuing Device.
Includes a beautiful and wealthy Merchant.
Vampire and Werewolf Cure, Vampire Lord Form Potion and more.

Evergreen Hollow. a new player home, err.. Tree!
It is located near the Half-Moon Mill. (See Pictures)
Console Command: coc mxtreehouseentrance

Main living areas include: Entrance, Threshold, Bedroom, Kitchen and Den.
Evergreen Night garden - For all of your alchemist needs, and an imbuing Device,
in which you can create spider scrolls. Comes with instructions.
Evergreen Forge - Store and raid your ingots and ore. Forge in comfort, try not to burn down the tree.
Enchanters Burrow - enchant weapons, armor and Staffs. Store your soulgems and enchanted weapons in Chests. Use the Geomorphic Device to craft Gems and Soul Gems. Combine Gems to make flawless Gems. Combine Soul Gems to make better Higher value ones. Even collect the shard for a filled Black Soul Gem
No chests respawn, so you can store your items safely. any updates will not alter any of the chests.

This mod contains 6 custom songs, to suit the feel of the environment.
Includes MontyX's Faster Horses, shouldn't conflict with Convenient Horses.

There is also a Merchant named Taliena.
Shes sweet, and likes to cook and clean, while your off somewhere killing stuff.
She will supply a lot of items her tribe have scavenged for her. She's got plenty of Cash too.
You can buy all of the custom potions, spells, armor and stuff. that I have included.
You can Forge the tribal Armor, after you have skinned enough cows, and collected enough leaves.
Just watch out, she gets greedy if you give her too much cash, and wont pay you for items.

Customs item Include:
Tribal Armor
Elven Dagger of Ultimate Chaos - Because there isn't one.
Cure Sanguinare Vampiris Potion - Vampire Cure
Sanguinare Vampiris Curse Potion - Become a Vampire.
Sanguinare Vampiris Lord Form Potion - Become Vampire Lord, even if you are not a vampire.
Crystal of the Damned - craft it in the Geomorphic Device. Gain one Vampire Lord Perk, once digested
Cure Lycanthropy Potion - Cure Werewolf
Lycanthropy Curse Potion - Become a Werewolf, & visit the underforge. (Works with the Companions Quest)
Crystal of the Lycanthrope - craft it in the Geomorphic Device. Gain one Werewolf Perk, once digested
Tru-Blood - Because Sookie wont let me bite her!
Alchemist's Elixr - Because there isn't one.
Waterwalking potion - Not just for Mages anymore.
Invulnerability Elixir - Unlimited Everything. for a short Duration.
Spell Tome: Invulnerability - Unlimited Everything. for a short Duration.
Spell Tome: Summon Green Supine - Gotta have a horse for it!
The One Ring of Conjuration. - One ring to rule them all.

-The One Ring of Conjuration- (I am so using this)
Once equipped, it will enable you to summon up to 20 Creatures.
If you have the Twin Souls perk, it will be removed while equipped.
Once you have unequipped the ring, the Perk will be returned.
If you don't have the Twin Souls perk, you will not receive it after unequipping.
And yes, I did summon 20 horses, I couldn't help it!

-Invulnerability Spell-
Found in the Alteration Category.
Pure God-Mode, but it's not cheating if it's a spell.

-Green Supine- (Lazy and Untrained)
A horse for the occasion. Can be found outside Evergreen Hollow tending to her foals.
Or you can summon the horse, the power can be found under powers.

-MontyX's Faster Horses-
Sprint: Original max 600, Now 1200
Swim: Original max 210, Now 450

Some people think these values are unrealistic.
But they are slower than any horse speed mods that I have used.
After using these speeds, you will find the original speeds frustrating.

-Geomorphic Device-
Here are the current combinations:

Crafting Gems:
(Required Ingredients = Created Item)
2x Garnet = Flawless Garnet
2x Amethyst = Flawless Amethyst
2x Ruby = Flawless Ruby
2x Sapphire = Flawless Sapphire
2x Emerald = Flawless Emerald
2x Diamond = Flawless Diamond

Crafting Soul Gems:
(Required Ingredients = Created Item)
Flawless Diamond = Black Soul Gem
2x Grand Soul Gem = Black Soul Gem
2x Grand Soul Gem Filled = Black Soul Gem Filled
All 5 Soul Gem Fragments = Black Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Emerald = 3x Grand Soul Gem
2x Greater Soul Gem = Grand Soul Gem
2x Greater Soul Gem Filled = Grand Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Sapphire = 4x Greater Soul Gem
2x Common Soul Gem = Greater Soul Gem
2x Common Soul Gem Filled = Greater Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Ruby = 5x Common Soul Gem
2x Lesser Soul Gem = Common Soul Gem
2x Lesser Soul Gem Filled = Common Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Amethyst = 5x Lesser Soul Gem
2x Petty Soul Gem = Lesser Soul Gem
2x Petty Soul Gem Filled = Lesser Soul Gem Filled
Flawless Garnet = 10x Petty Soul Gem

Please try it out and Endorse this mod.
Feel free to comment. But don't ask me to change anything, because I'm not going to. Sorry...
Remember, I make these mods purely for myself, I put them on here to share the fun.

I hope you will enjoy playing this mod, as much as I enjoyed making it.
This is what I do for a living, and I receive nothing in return.
Please show your appreciation for my hard work and Donate towards future mods.