Soul Gem Binding - Craft your own soul gems by MimiTheAlchemist
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Turn those useless soul gem fragments into soul gems using a new object called the soul gem binder. There is a binder located in every hold.
-- Whiterun In Farengar's Library/Study
-- Falkreath in the Jarl's longhouse
-- Winterhold in the Hall of Countenance at the College of Winterhold.
-- Markarth at Understone Keep in Calcemo's work area.
-- Riften at Mistveil Keep in the mage's store.
-- Solitude at the Blue Palace in the room with the enchanter.
-- Morthal in Highmoon Hall
-- Dawnstar in the White Hall
-- Windhelm in the Butcher's room upstairs at the Palace of the Kings.

* There are small bowls or knapsacks with soul gem fragments in each area

Notes on Soul Gem Binder:
* Making soul gems levels up your enchanting skill
* You need 2 Enchanter level perks to make grand and black soul gems.
* There are 5 different types of soul gem fragments in Skyrim. This mod makes use of each one
for different crafting recipes.
* Ectoplasm is needed to bind the fragments together.

NEW Version!

I have just uploaded a new version of soul gem binding that includes reverse crafting.
Now you can destroy you soul gems and receive fragments. You won't receive any ectoplasm because it is destroyed in the process. Every soul gem except Grand soul gems can be destroyed.

I hope you enjoy my mod!