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I think Bethesda offers a lot of things to do and improve as skills... the problem is that some of main RPG elements are badly balanced making useless and uninteresting any character development and exploration since you'll find MORE than you need too easily and just killing enemies.

In particular I've always hated how frequently you'll find potions, soulgems, lockpicks, and ingots in abundance. With 15 decent health potions you can kill everything without worries. Soulgems to recharge powerful enchanted weapons are more common than grilled leeks. Every bandit in Skyrim has at least 1-3 lockpicks and you kill hundreds of them. The game adds an interesting mining feature to extract and refine minerals to craft armors and weapons, but who needs to do that when you can easily find or buy 5-20 ingots at once in the shops?

All this has to be changed to rebalance the RPG aspect of the game forcing you to invest money or learn Alchemy, expand your knowledge in Crafting and Enchantment and thinking about opening or not that locked door because you might easily run out of lockpicks. This will force a more prudent inventory micro-management and you'll have to buy more frequently all goods with the additional side-effect of making gold looting finally useful (to buy things you actually need!).
No need of complex game overhauls.

These mods will reduce the chance to find the mentioned objects in all chests/killed enemy you encounter, and reduce your carried weight (no more 20 soulgems, 90 lockpicks, 150 potions etc. you never use) as a side-effect (I'm joking of course, I didn't modify carry weight at all) ;)

For Less Lockpicks download this one.
For Less Ingots this one.
You can consider also mods like this: Increased Bounty Rewards Lite

After I have been playing like this for many months (and I finished the game of course) I really think it gets much more interesting and calibrated in the RPG direction. Simple and minimalistic changes can really improve Skyrim whole gameplay.

Obviously all these mods will be "incompatible" with other mods modifying the loot leveled lists...