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Added: 25/06/2013 - 03:16PM
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Last updated at 5:39, 27 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 15:16, 25 Jun 2013

Sorry in front for the plain and simple txt based look of this page ( I'm lazy :D )
Everything here was made for my personal use. However since i use tons of mods made by others I feel in a way "obligated" to share it with the community. Even if just one person find it useful it will be worth it ^^

This is a SkyRe Friendly replacement esp for DJjojo's Basic Crossbows Collection.
Removed most ( im still in the process of testing ) unnecessary/extra effects, stats, enchantments etc. etc. that are not needed for SkyRe.
Crossbows like Skull Dragon or Light Daedric are for visual flavor only ( tho i did give them tiny crt dmg boost ).
Recipes was fixed ( double entry etc. ), and adjusted to SkyRe.
Since this replacement rely on Reprocer, there is no need for any extra updates - unless i find bugs.
After updating SkyRe or Reprocer files, all u need to do is to patch this mod with reprocer again.

Important notes :
1. Crossbows and bolts damage is dependent on Reprocer Stats.xml version - like "Balbor and Steelsouls SkyRe ReProccer Project" for example.
2.Due to how Ballistic perk works( and i have no intentions of moding that ), all the crossbows will be available for crafting once u get that perk.
U wont be however able to temper, upgrade or craft bolts for them. For that u still need the proper material smithing perk. So making an Ebony Crossbow when u don't have the ebony perk is pointless. That would be cheating anyway :>
3.LvL lists are included- with a fix for dwarven crossbow.

1. Replace the original esp file with this one.
2. Pick one Stats.xml version and run Reprocer.jar - or apply manually tweaks I described below. (u may want to make a copy of ur current Stats.xml )
3. Marge lvl lists or skip if using non lvl list version.
4. U may also apply Focus perk tweak - but thats just an extra and is not related to patch itself.

>>>>!!!!!<<<< Second step is optional but prevent crossbows from getting overpowered! >>>>!!!!!<<<<

Conflicts : NONE - however don't use with qotsafans CBC Patches!

Additional - optional - steps ( long and boring description ) :
1. Since this mod add more crossbows and bolts to damage progression u may wont to apply few tweaks to avoid rebalancing the game. For that find those lines in stats.xml and make them look like this :

26 <-- here

and :

5 <-- here

10 <-- here

But b4, make a copy of Stats.xml as it can get corrupted if edited improperly!
You may ofc input different statistics and lower the damage bit more if u find high tier crossbows/bolts to powerful - SkyRe was designed with progression stopping at Dwarven after all.

2. If you are using Balbor version of Reprocer u may have notice that they boosted light weapons and projectiles and nerfed heavy ( especially orcish ). This make crossbows statistic rather wierd with elven being better then Dwarven and dwarven being better then orcish. Also light weight projectiles - esp bolts - doing more damage then heavy ones is a NO NO for me.
SkyRe makes heavy projectiles slow, short ranged and inaccurate but hard hitting.
This is obvious for me and i personally dislike the idea of an Elven arrow hitting as hard as ebony...
I also dislike the huge nerf to orcish material. So I made a tweaked version of stats.xml - based on balbor's for compatibility sake - that bring back to life heavy arrows/bolts and weapons. It also put daedric in front of dragon and starting with glass/ebony up, add extra small difference in dmg progression.
Simply hate having ebony weapon that do 161 dmg, dragon 162, and daedric with 163...
Oh! As an extra i did put entry for recent Bosmer Armor pack arrows :]

3. If u like me dislike the idea of crossbows ignoring 100% of armor and find it diversion breaking then "SkyRe_Crosbow Perk Tweak" is for you. This mini mod tweak will change focus perk to add only 5% ( was 10 ) extra armor penetration per rank up to 75%. To make that perk attractive for crossbow user again i did put extra 3% attack speed per rank for CROSSBOWS ONLY.
Thats extra 15% attack speed* for ur crossbows which will also improve slow gameplay.

*I advice to lower the speed boost of "lightweight" version of the crossbows to prevent balance issues. Change "0.25" to 0.20 or 0.15. Still a 10% or 5% speed more with all 5 focus perks. Ofc all this tweaking is included in the Stats.xml i uploaded. Went for speed as adding dmg bonus to Focus would go against SkyRe concept for crossbows and I hate how slow they are - even tho thats realistic ;p

btw: I also made a mini mod for SkyRe that turn the original dragonbone greatsword to Bastard Sword ( I use other mod to fill greatsword role), and plan on making a mod that will allow upgrade of UNIQUE armor/weapons with Arcane Smithing perk rather then material based. Feel free to post any ideas or interest in those two :)
How To UnInstall
1.Go outside and make some friends
2.Use NMM or remove files manually for this mod and original one.
3.Go outside and find more friends
4.Place back ur old Stats.xml if needed.
5.Go outside and find a girlfriend/boyfriend
6.Run Reprocer/Wyre Bash again - DONE