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Added: 22/06/2013 - 07:32AM
Updated: 16/10/2014 - 10:41PM

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Last updated at 14:41, 16 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 23:32, 21 Jun 2013


The Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), Version 1.6.15 (or newer) is REQUIRED to run this extension.
See the latest forum thread if the newest version is not yet available on the silverlock domain.


This mod does not do anything on its own. It is an extension to Papyrus that is outside the scope of SKSE and has a very specific use. It will be used (and included) in RaceMenu 2.0 and later. Link to this mod submission if you wish to make use of the features yourself.


To allow overriding of Armor shader properties that are active on particular Actors. Also allows overriding properties of specific node names (Advanced use only). All modifications are saved to the SKSE co-save and do not need to be re-applied on reload. All armor modifications are re-applied automatically when re-equipped.

Some examples of things you can do with it:
Runtime texture swapping
Runtime emissive color changing (Think daedric glow, you can change the color of that)
Stopping/Starting/Modifying time controllers (Think pulsing speed of an animation)


Shader Modifiers
  • Emissive Color
  • Emissive Multiple
  • Glossiness
  • Specular Strength
  • Lighting Effect 1
  • Lighting Effect 2
  • Texture Set
  • Tint Color (Auto converts shaderType, and can be used to recolor almost anything)
  • Alpha
  • Texture
Controller Modifiers
  • Start/Stop
  • Start Time
  • Stop Time
  • Frequency
  • Phase
  • Add overlays to an Actor
  • Remove overlays from an Actor
  • Check overlays on an Actor
Version 2.9.6
  • Updated to match RM
Version 2.9.2
  • Major bugfixes to Dye system
  • Added XML based Dye setup
  • Added extensive node transformation framework to NiOverride
Version 2.9.1
  • Fixes tintmask cache bug
  • Adds MagicEffect Dye registration support
Version 2.9.0
  • Added armor tint masking and Dye API
  • Fixed BodyMorph API (Hopefully, not thoroughly tested)
Version 2.8.0
  • Added mesh templating functionality
  • Added experimental armor tint masking
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Rewrote some code for C++14, recompiled on VS2013
Version 2.7.1
  • Added missing script definitions
  • Added missing default texture to package
Version 2.7.0
  • Fixed decapitation crash
  • Added Weapon overrides
  • Fixed texture referencing issue
  • Added various ini tweaks
Version 2.4.2
  • Fixes hook that would otherwise crash with hdtPhysicsExtension installed
Version 2.4.1
  • Fixed RevertOverlay function
Version 2.4
  • Fixed future function bindings
  • Fixed instance where NPC overlays would be lost when load order changed
Version 2.3
  • Fixed instances where meshes without shaders could crash using NiOverride
Version 2.2
  • Various bug fixes/tweaks to improve stability.

Version 2.1
  • Pulled the initial update code causing CTD for some people.

Version 2.0
  • Update for BodyMorph Framework

Version 1.0
  • Initial version


Not directly incompatible with any mods, does not use a Skyirm Plugin, only an SKSE Plugin.

INI Settings

The settings included in DataSKSEPluginsnioverride.ini are all available settings, most are left for your convenience in case of performance loss you can disable or lower the settings by changing them to zero.


Automatic Download with NMM
  • Click the Download with manager button on top of the file.
  • NetImmerse Override will appear in in NMM's Mods list once it's downloaded. Double-click the NetImmerse Override entry to Activate it.

Manual Download with NMM
  • Start NMM and click on Mods.
  • In the left icon bar, click on Add Mod From File and select the downloaded archive file.
  • NetImmerse Override will now appear in the list. Double-click to Activate it.
ORManual Installation
  • Locate the Data/ folder in your Skyrim installation directory. Typically it's found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/.[*]Extract the contents of the downloaded archive file to your Data/ folder.