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Dwemerverse - Dwarven Magic Package

Because Dwemer are nice people.

Dwemerverse contains 33 brand new Dwemer themed Alteration spells, 30 Staves, 12 Dwemer Stones, several pieces of lost Dwemer technology and a unique crafting mechanic to acquire the above goodies. All of the content features custom visuals and scripted effects, from personal levitation to missile strikes.

In keeping with the theme of Alteration, the spells revolve mainly around utility, but there are enough damaging spells to make a Dwemer Scientist a viable main build.

Fully compatible!

Technology of the Dwemer

Staves and Dwemer Stones
Dwemer technology exists mainly in two forms: Staves are wielded to cast active spells, and Dwemer Stones are equipped in the necklace slot and provide passive bonuses.

Calcelmo (the resident Dwemer expert in Markarth) sells schematics, which are used to craft Staves and Dwemer Stones at a forge. Purchasing schematics for higher level items requires a higher Alteration skill level. The most advanced schematics require the completion of the Alteration Ritual Spell quest at the College of Winterhold.

Transcripts and Bionics
Tired of lugging heavy equipment around? With sufficient skill, you can reverse engineer crafted Dwemer technology and memorise the spells.

Upon reaching a certain skill level in Alteration and being in possession of the right Staff or Dwemer Stone, a new crafting option appears at a forge, enabling you to convert the item into a Transcript device (for Staves) or Bionics device (for Dwemer Stones). Using this object destroys it and permanently grants the spell or effect to your character. Not all spells and effects can be learned.

Note that some spells acquired in this manner may have different or additional functionality...

Dwemer automatons may drop new loot. This loot can be smelted into Dwarven Metal Ingots, but it may be wise to keep a supply on hand because Transcripts and Bionics require Dwemer Precision Tools, which are crafted from specific pieces of scrap.

List of Staves and Dwemer Stones

No purchase requirements
No transcripting requirements

Staff of Primordial Shocks
Rapid fire burst that deals high damage, but permanently loses damage with each hit.

No purchase requirements
Transcripting: 50 Alteration

Staff of Detection
A glowing light reveals the nearest treasure container for a short time.

Staff of Galvanization
Electrical burst that briefly steals armor rating from nearby targets.

Staff of Phalanx Mines (Not available as Transcript)
Requires 1 Dwemer Metal Ingot. Places a mine that triggers with a scatter of darts.

Staff of Severing
Drains a percentage of the target's Stamina and Magicka and halts regeneration.

Staff of Shelter
Teleports the caster to a small Dwemer home in another dimension.

Staff of Talon Shots
Fires rocket propelled projectiles that gradually pick up damage as they travel.

Dwemer Stone of Arkenlight
Accumulates energy in daylight, expends it as a bright green glow at night or indoors.

Dwemer Stone of Fool's Gold (Not available as Bionics)
Grants a large amount of gold, but unequipping is fatal unless you can pay it back.

Dwemer Stone of Itemsight
Your Detect Treasure spell also reveal the nearest weapon or armor.

Purchase: 50 Alteration
Transcripting: 75 Alteration

Staff of Aetheric Walls
Creates a solid blocking wall of force in front of the caster. Activate to dispel.

Staff of Bloodstars
Cuts through enemies, marking them and dealing damage depending on number of marked targets.

Staff of Inertial Slingshot
Steals movement speed and carry weight from nearby targets. Does not provoke hostility.

Staff of Kinetic Hold
Marks targets, holding them and reducing their armor rating and magic resistance when struck.

Staff of Laser Mines (Not available as Transcript)
Requires 1 Dwemer Metal Ingot. Places a mine that shoots cutting beams at nearby targets.

Staff of Phase Lock
Forces a target into another plane, disabling it but rendering it immune to damage.

Dwemer Stone of Impulse
Increases movement speed and carry weight when out of combat.

Dwemer Stone of Mythalcraft
Greatly extends the duration of Alteration buffs cast on self.

Dwemer Stone of Research (Not available as Bionics)
When entering a Dwemer ruin, indicates a dungeon feature with a light. Attack it to dislodge valuable objects.

Purchase: 75 Alteration
Transcripting: 100 Alteration

Staff of Blasting Charges (Not available as Transcript)
Requires 1 Dwemer Metal Ingot. Places a heavy explosive that detonates when struck.

Staff of Blowout Mines (Not available as Transcript)
Requires 1 Dwemer Metal Ingot. Places a mine that emits a steam blast that launches enemies.

Staff of Calldowns
Target is marked for a precision airstrike.

Staff of Disintegration
Briefly destroys the nearest lock. It reassembles itself when the spell wears off.

Staff of Portal Passages
Creates two portals, one at the target area, one at the feet of the caster, enabling travel.

Staff of Rocket Jockey
Fires a magnetic rocket that propels the target in random directions.

Dwemer Stone of Force Armor
Increases armor rating when not wearing heavy armor.

Dwemer Stone of Levitation
Gain the ability to walk on air when out of combat. Jump to climb, pull a weapon to land.

Dwemer Stone of Worldshaping
Alteration spells are free to cast when out of combat.

Purchase: 75 Alteration (Requires completion of the Alteration Ritual Spell quest at the College of Winterhold)
Transcripting: 100 Alteration

Staff of Atomization
Target below a certain health threshold is instantly destroyed.

Staff of Crystal Seed
Induces crystal growth inside the target's body, disabling it and causing bleed damage.

Staff of Duplication
Requires 5 Dwemer Metal Ingots. Duplicates the nearest item.

Staff of Essence Transfer
Balances your Magicka and Stamina by transferring a percentage of the higher stat to the lower.

Staff of Portal Network
Places one of four entry portals leading to a portal nexus room.

Staff of Subjugation
Target below a certain health threshold is forced to the ground.

Dwemer Stone of Bisection
Your Bloodstar spell halves the Health of each target when 5 or more targets are marked.

Dwemer Stone of Hydrodynamics
Increases movement speed, carry weight and Health regeneration when swimming.

Dwemer Stone of Primordial Power
Your Primordial Shock spell now gains damage on a killing blow, up to a cap.

Secret Spells
These are learned directly and do not exist in Staff form. Uncover them yourself...

Electric Spasms
Hint: Hidden in a ventilation pipe.

Nailed to the Sky
Hint: Maximum shock!


Compatibility notes
  • No known compatibility issues.
  • If you are using mods that affect spell scaling or difficulty and the Dwemerverse spells deal too much or too little damage, open the console and type set AC1_AlterationScalingPctGlobal to [value], the default being 1.0, then close the console and wait 10 seconds.
  • Modifies Calcelmo's vendor chest.

My area effect spells miss enemies!
Explosions in Skyrim originate from a single point and hit all targets within line of sight. This means terrain and other targets can shield them from the blast. Due to how annoying this mechanic is, spells learned from Transcripts have a flag set that makes them ignore the line of sight check and just hit everything. This flag does not exist for spells granted by Staves. You just have to deal with it until you acquire the Transcript.

Calcelmo does not sell the schematics!
Wait 48 hours for his inventory to restock. Also make sure you meet the requirements - Master level Schematics require the completion of the Alteration Ritual Spell quest. Also, each next higher level requires a restock as well.

Where is Calcelmo?
Understone Keep, Markarth.

I crash when I scroll fast through the list of recipes.
Don't scroll fast. The game doesn't like having to load a zillion things at the same time, especially reflective things. Slow down or skip some of them (or educe the load on your game by getting rid of some heavy mods).