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Creature Resources for Modder.
All Creatures use Vanilla(DLC)'s textures and animations.

Update information
  • v135:Added 1 New Undead and Soul Cairn version of Skeletal Creatures.Fixed Chagohod Model.
  • v134:Added 4 Creatures. Fixed Many models. Read change log or Full-package readme.txt
  • v130:Added 4 Animals, 6 Daedra.
  • v120:Added 3 Creatures.(Ash Runner, Falmer Sentinel, Magic Broom

Creature Pack

Common Package (classified based on vanilla Creatures) for Modder and User.
Using this package, We can share creature model without redundancy.

How to use BSA version
Activate "VicnCreaturePack.esp"
Add "VicnCreaturePack.bsa" to sResourceArchiveList or sResourceArchiveList2 in Skyrim.ini.
Activate VincCreaturePack.bsa in Archives Tab of Mod Organizer.

How to use on Creation kit
Install Loose file version.

Option Files

Creature Files(Animal, Daedra, Dwarven, Elemental, Undead)
Divided version into 5 categories. This package is for veteran modder.

Misc Files

Hello Dagi : 2 Dagi Followers. Require Dragonborn.
Dwarven Dolls Followers : 5 Gynoid and Automaton Summon Spells
Fantasia : Add Creatures of Creature Pack in DLC Locations.


You can use any parts of Resources without my permission as long as
  • You do not charge money for your mod.
  • You credit me and link this page.
  • You credit people in Credits(below) if needed.

Prohibited Matter
Converting these files to work on other games (under any circumstances).

  • Bethesda

Female Creatures(Arachne, Shoggoth Mother, Dwarven Gynoid)
  • ECE Team
  • dimon99
  • Radioragae
  • REN
  • Peggy
  • NewSea
  • SKS

NEXUS Account : Vicn