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Creature Resources for Modder.

Update information
v135:Added 1 New Undead and Soul Cairn version of Skeletal Creatures.Fixed Chagohod Model.
v134:Added 4 Creatures. Fixed Many models. Read change log or Full-package readme.txt
v130:Added 4 Animals, 6 Daedra.

Creature Package
Common Package (classified based on vanilla Creatures) for Modder and User.
Using this package, We can share creature model without redundancy.

How to use BSA version
There are 3 ways.

Activate "VicnCreaturePack.esp"(This is Dummy esp to load BSA)
Add "VicnCreaturePack.bsa" to sResourceArchiveList or sResourceArchiveList2 in Skyrim.ini.
Activate VincCreaturePack.bsa in Archives Tab of Mod Organizer. (Recommended)

How to use on Creation kit
Install Loose file version or Unpack BSA.

Option Files
Creature Files(Animal, Daedra, Dwarven, Elemental, Undead)
Divided version into 5 categories. This package is for veteran modder.

Sample Mod
Hello Dagi : 2 Dagi Followers. Require Dragonborn.
Dwarven Dolls Followers : 5 Gynoid and Automaton Summon Spells
Fantasia : Add Creatures of Creature Pack in DLC Locations.

User's Mod
You do not need to install Creature Package.

Colorful Magic by 184Gesu
Monster Mod by Ironman5000
Mount Mod Series by gg77
Skyrim Immersive Creatures by lifestorock

Q. How to write credits?
A. Write [Mod Name], [URL] and [Authors Name] in your Mod Description or ReadMe.txt .
     Please, write credit CLEARLY to avoid troubles.

Q. Can I remodel and recolor these creatures by myself ?
A. Sure. (Modified model should be also Modder Resouces in my opinion, but it depends on your direction.)

Q. Should I use creature name in my mod?
A. It is mere file-name. you can rename it freely.

Q. Can I upload my mod (using this resouces) to other modder community ?
A. Of course.

Q. How to add new creatures in my mod?

.Nif is Creature Model files.
See also
Armor Addon, Armor, Race, Actor

Q. Can I request new creatures ?
A. Sure. but I can not always accept your request. I need detailed pictures(front, back, side).
    plaese, do not spam google search result and your poem.

Q. Can I monopoly requested creature in my project?
A. Basically NO. Requested creature is published as Modder Resouces. (however, It is possible to postpone publishing until your project finish.)

You can use any parts of Resources without my permission as long as
  • You do not charge money for your mod.
  • You credit me and link this page.
  • You credit people in Credits(below) if needed.

Please, write credit CLEARLY to avoid troubles.

Prohibited Matter
Converting these files to work on other games (under any circumstances).


Female Creatures(Arachne, Shoggoth Mother, Dwarven Gynoid)
ECE Team

NEXUS Account : Vicn