Sita the Khajiit Ranger by AceRoller
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By popular demand, I added an optional file compatible with mysticentity's More Follower Voices Mod ( This version gives Sita a khajiit voice instead of a default, human one.
Let me know if you encounter any problems with this new version. Thanks for the continued support!

There aren't enough Khajiit followers around, so I proudly present to you my personal character:
Sita, a young and eager archer whose purpose in Skyrim is to keep the peace and show the local Nords that not all khajiit are liars and cheats.

You'll find Sita at the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. She's very skilled at range and not bad with a sword either. She's not the toughest combatant, however, so keeping her away from the fray is a good idea (either that, or invest in some good armor for her). She has the Bullseye perk and will occasionally stun enemies with her arrows. Just be careful not to get pegged by a stray shot, 'cause she might make you fall on your backside with a paralyzing arrow.

Like all good followers she's essential, available for marriage and will not report you if you commit a crime near her. Also, she's got a lovely human voice because there's no readily available voice files for female Khajiit followers. Yay.

For maximum compatibility, I've used only Vanilla assets for Sita. However, if you want her face to look as in the pictures, you'll need to install these mods as well. Hell, check them out anyways, it won't hurt.

"Coverkhajiits" by mrLenski (

"More accurate Khajiit chin and lips paint" by Rainkitty (

"High Quality Eyes" by Xenius (

"More Follower Voices Mod" by mysticentity (

Not necessary but also highly recommended is "UFO: Ultimate Follower Overhaul" by fLokii ( for fun times all around.

Should work fine with just the Vanilla game and latest update. This is my first mod so feel free to bash away at me for the silly mistakes I make.