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Added: 18/06/2013 - 05:49AM
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I originally made Model Manager because I thought:
Man it's really annoying that Unique Uniques and Unique Weapons Redone don't quite work together. I mean yeah you can put one before the other in the load order and let the models from one override the other. But they're still not *really* compatible you know?

For example, what if I felt like using Dragonbane from Unique Uniques and Bolar's Oathblade from Unique Weapons Redone?

Model Manager has changed
It is no longer a standalone mod. It's too burdensome to have a single mod that tries to manage a bunch of models from other mods you may not even be using, both in terms of how much work I have to put in, and how the size of the script will scale.

So I'm changing Model Manager to be a Modder Resource. If youare a mesh artist with no scripting experience, and want to implement a model manager for your mod, please make a copy of the relevant forms, and send me a filled out copy, along with a link to your current mod.

The form has a sample for how Unique Weapons Redone would be filled in.

Weapon Form

There is no Armor Form yet, because I haven't gotten around to it. Please post in the comments if you have interest

Although, if you are a modder with scripting experience, please save me the time and implement it yourself. Inside the forms linked above, you will find a hidden sheet called "parser". Which you can almost directly copy and paste into your MCM menu script. You'll need to make a few changes, like replace double "" with single ", but nothing you can't figure out.

Currently I will a modified version of Unique Weapons Redone (minus the meshes of course) in the files section. Hopefully when I get in contact with the maker of Unique Weapons Redone, he will consider just replacing his version with one that has model manager.

What can model manager do for your model mod?
Model manager is script based, so file conflicts STRICTLY nonexistent.
The player also gains the ability to toggle individual meshes on and off from an in game MCM menu, so no need to have multiple ESP's so players can pick and choose their desired meshes.

Only "downside" is that it's a script, albeit one that's a fraction the weight of even SkyTweak.