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I originally made Model Manager because I thought:
Man it's really annoying that Unique Uniques and Unique Weapons Redone don't quite work together. I mean yeah you can put one before the other in the load order and let the models from one override the other. But they're still not *really* compatible you know?

For example, what if I felt like using Dragonbane from Unique Uniques and Bolar's Oathblade from Unique Weapons Redone?

So long story short: I made Model Manager, then I expanded it to work with more mods. TADA!

Are there any other benefits to using Model Manager?
Well one benefit is you consolidate a bunch of esp files into a single esp.

Model manager also doesn't edit existing records, so it doesn't have the compatibility issues that many weapon/armor mods suffer from.

Lets say you have a mod that rebalances the damage of various unique weapons like Dragonbane.
Well obviously you can't use a mod like that with Unique Uniques or Unique Weapons Redone because The records would conflict. But if you use Model Manager, that won't be a problem anymore.

SKSE 1.6.15+
SkyUI 4.0+

Compatible Weapon/Armor Model Mods:
Sorry if the list is kind of short and only consists of my personal favorites. This is a new mod and I haven't had quite enough time to add compatibility with too many other mods. I will expand the list in the future though.

Unique Uniques
Unique Weapons Redone
Nicoroshi's Creations
Dreogan's Skyforge Weapons
Dreogan's Dragonbone Ebonsteel & Aetherial Crowns
KTA Creations' Ancient Shrouded Armor
KTA Creations' Blade of Woe
KTA Creation's Dragonbone Weapons
Maty's Bosmer Armor Pack

Installation Instructions
Put Model Manager.esp into your Skyrim/data folder.
Put GMM_MenuMain.pex into Skyrim/data/scripts.
You can ignore GMM_MenuMain.psc, that's just for other modders.

Now the important part:

If those mods store their files in BSA format, you must unpack them.
You can use the following tools for doing that:
BSA Unpacker
BSA Browser
Oblivion Mod Manager

You will want to put their mesh and texture folders in the Skyrim/Data section. Basically the same way PEX files and the script folder work.

If you don't download and properly unpack these other mods, you won't have access to the art files.
And if you try to use an art file you don't have, your weapon/armor will appear invisible.

Do I need to download all the armor/weapon mods from this list?
- No, only the ones you plan on using

Does this mod require Dawnguard? Is there a version of this mod for players without Dawnguard?
- There's just one ESP file. And it works regardless of whether or not you have Dawnguard.

What do I do with those esp and bsa files from the armor/weapon mods?
- Anything you want. They aren't needed anymore, so you can actually delete them.

My models aren't changing!
- You need to unequip/re-equip the item before visual changes take effect.
If that's still not working I might have just made a typo or something, submit a bug report in the comments section.