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Added: 18/06/2013 - 05:02AM
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As I mentioned, this is just a very basic touch-up of the texture used for the Scathecraw plants that so densely populate the Solstheim landscape.
When I first got to Solstheim after purchasin the Dragonborn DLC a few months back, the first thing I noticed was the overwhelmingly large number of strange-looking red/purple plants. The second thing I noticed was how low quality the textures seemed to be, even with the official Bethesda HighRes DLC installed.
This retexture was done in photoshop using the texture from the HighRes DLC as a base. I used very basic, beginner methods of adding a little bit of texture to the plant. I changed the color very slightly, but still very close to vanilla. This is not a huge improvement over the original texture but I do feel it is a little bit better.

Drag and drop the 'textures' folder into your skyrim's 'data' folder, merge and overwrite if asked
Please refer to the Readme for detailed instructions. (link/button on toolbar under the photos)

I would like to thank:

- the modding community in general, here at nexus forums and Bethesda forums for your all your help

- Bethesda for the texture resource and TES in general