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Introduction, Installation & Requirements

Body Designs is a large collection of files, meant to be used with TexBlend. There are 291 individual designs; these are duplicated for both male and female, and then duplicated again into colour and specular options; totalling 1164 files.

Requirements: TexBlend.

Manual Installation Guide

How To Use

How to Use Body Designs & TexBlend
Basics: Open TexBlend, select what you want to blend, pick blend file, preview, then blend!

FAQ/Known Issues

Q1: Can I use these with X Body mod?
A: Maybe. They were made for and tested with CBBE body and face meshes/textures, Sundracon meshes/textures, and 'YoungerGeonoxWithoutBeard' from Better Males, so results may vary with other body mods.

Q2: Can I use these on a standalone companion?
A: Absolutely!

Q3: Can you put these on Steam/Can I upload these elsewhere?
A: Nup. Nexus only.

Q4: Can I make a request?
A: Yup. Be aware I'm lazy and it may take a little while to turn up, though.

Q5: Why the hell did you put flowers and butterflies on guys???
A: I didn't. I just made them available for whoever wanted them. =)

Q6: I didn't follow the guide and didn't back up my textures! Where's the undo button?
A: There isn't one. You need to reinstall.

Q7: I get a weird neckseam when I use certain head tattoos. Why?
A: No idea. Only one of my beta testers has had this come up, and neither I nor my other testers could duplicate it.

Q8: I blended a specular tattoo, and I can't see it in-game. Why?
A: Specular tattoos are mostly invisible unless in direct light.

Q9: Why don't you just upload already-blended textures? Why make us do all the work?
A: I would need to gain permission to upload textures by other authors; there are tons of texture mods available, and it would take forever; not everyone has the same taste and I don't have infinite time to make a different texture set for everyone who asks, and; because it's not difficult to blend files to your own tastes. =)

Q10: When I blend the files, every NPC in game has these tattoos! How do I make it so only my character has them?
A: Play a unique/modded race, or use a mod like 'Custom Races' that separates the player meshes/textures from the NPC ones. Be aware that these will require their own edited config files. I may upload config files for the more popular mods in the future.


Standard semi-fair use, ask and ye shall receive, give credits and cookies where due, etc. etc.
Seriously. If you want to use these on a companion, feel free. If you want to take the entire thing and claim it as your own, you're silly. If you want to take one or two designs and release them on a body mod skin texture as your own're silly. Please avoid being silly.

If less than desirable results occur with other bodies, and you are both willing and able to fix these so they fit better, please send the edited files to me so that I can upload them to the main mod, with credits to you. This isn't to 'steal your hard work', but so that everything can be found in one place, making it easier for people to find what they want.


Caliente for CBBE and TexBlend. Yay her!
Beta testers: Kataous, eSoDian, Sigurd44, Bri01. Yay them!
ObsidianDawn/redheadstock (, Schmitthrp ( and SeraphShaw ( for pretty much all the designs. Yay them!