Make them Slaves by AluCard
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Added: 12/06/2013 - 08:16PM
Updated: 21/08/2013 - 12:19AM

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this mod was made after i saw the i yield mod

So what does this mod do?

-When actors start yielding or crouching they get an item equipped ( handcuffs )
as long the actor has these handcuffs hes your slave
-This Excludes Unique Voice Actors, as well all npcs that are not yielding

What can a Slave do ?

- A slave is always your friend and depending on their factions (riverwood ppl dont fight riverwood ppl)
they gonna help you
- You can command them like follower
- You gain acces to theyr inventorys
- You gain new Dialog options to take up to 5 Slaves with you

A spell :

- After the first time you used the dialog option Follow me on a slave you will gain a spell
that let you resurrect nearly any npc and make them harmles to you (in case you kill some one you wantet to make a slave)

This mod should not be incompatible with i yield mod if you place it in the load order under it

rob58085 made a translation to english install after mine thanks to him =)