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~Alduin's Fang~ (v0.2b)

-!- Attention. Support for this mod had ended. I am coming out of my hiatus from posting mods, and have decided to consolidate my efforts for my new releases. Thanks to everyone's kind words and desire to see this go far. -!-

Sure, god weapons are wonderful. It makes any gamer of any caliber or creed chuckle with joy as they decimate thier foes with utter mercilessness. But have you ever wondered, "Gee, i really like hauling around a powerful weapon, but i don\'t want to kill EVERYTHING in one hit..."?
Alduin's Fang is a sword that aims to fill this niche. You won't kill a dragon, or even some higher-leveled humanoids in one hit, but you won't be beating on a mudcrab for 5 minutes, either. Here are it's basic stats, a la the Creation Kit (the second numbers are for the greatsword version):

WEIGHT: 4.5 / 8.5
REACH: 1.5 / 1.65
SPEED: 1.55 / 1.2
CRIT. DMG.: 20
DAMAGE: 51 / 61
CRIT. % MULTI.: 11

Alduin's Fang itself is found atop the peak of the Throat of the World, laying on the ground within the Wound In Time. The bit of lore for the weapon is worked into it's in-game description:

"This ancient sword from the era of the Dragon Wars contains a shard of Alduin's very fang, and was brought to this Era with the creation of the Wound In Time."

This is simple, as everything comes packaged in a neat set of Bethesda Archive Files. Just drop AlduinsFangSword.bsa, AlduinsFangSword.bsl and AlduinsFangSword.esp into your Data folder in Skyrim's directory. To uninstall, simply remove those same folders. Please note that the greatsword version has the tag "2H" at the end of the name, like; "AlduinsFangSword2H.esp."

**If you are installing the glowmaps update, simply overwrite the old .bsa and .bsl files with the new ones you've downloaded. If downloading both at the same time, install the main files first, then the updated ones.**

Skyrim, updated to version That's it. Simplicity is beautiful, isn't it?
For the glowmaps version, all that is required is the original Alduin's Fang download.

All weapon meshes and original textures by Dreogan. I didn't do much besides tweak a texture and the .nif files, and repackage it as a standalone. If you are wanting permission to use assets in this mod, please redirect yourself to that individual.

I cannot seem to be able to get Alduin's Fang to stand upright in the ground. If you load it up in the Creation Kit, you will see it's supposed to be impailed in the snow and ice. I have tried checking the ignore Havok settling thing in the References window, and even added the disable Havok on load script to boot, but with no result. If anyone can fix this, please do and message me, so we can zip the modified .esp file on over. The person who fixes the dang thing will get a major thank you in the credits.

Enjoy the spoils,