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UPDATE: 20/05/2016

THERE WERE FIVE QUESTS but the codes and scripts were "broken" when I had to re-install Skyrim and the freaking Creation Kit. You can still find all the npcs, enemies and items where they are meant to be. I will fix the problem when I have a proper time and health to do so, ok?

1) "Embershard Rumble"

Torling will talk about some thugs living inside Embershard Mine. These guys are really strong! If you are bellow level 10 and you don't have decent armory and spellls, you should take care!

2) "The Brave and the Bold"

Akin is living at Fighter's Den with his girlfriend Kali. Explore the place, find new followers and valuable items and face powerful enemies. 

3) "She-Wolf"

Talk to Soreen. She's got a curse she cannot lift but at least you and her can have some fun crossing fists - or claws - with a little fellow in Reachwind Eyrie

4) "Get born again"

Talk to Asabon at Moorside Inn. Does he need any help or there are people making too much noise for nothing?

5) "Realms of Death - First Chapter"

Talk to Tenel-Kah at the Temple of Kynareth, in Whiterun. Tenel receives a letter from a friend. People are disappearing throughout Skyrim, even Vigilants of Stendarr! Unravel the mysteries of the Necromanteion. Get ready for a tough battle!


- Nemie, Redguard, Two-Handed Warrior. She is at the Dead Man's Drink, in Falkreath.

- Ancola, Redguard. She is being trained by Asabon and her grandfather, Tralen. They are living at Asabon's Shack, in Morthal. People say that Asabon keeps a small fortune at the basement and there may be some rare spell tomes. Why don't you take a look?




- Taliah
- Yorun the Battlemage 
- Belit the Sword-Sister 

During an expedition between the Nibenay Valley (Cirodiil) and Vvanderfell (Morrowind), the camp of researchers being guarded by Taliah's parents was atacked and no one survived.

Yorun (Taliah's uncle) and his wife Belit, after receiving the terrible message, adopted the little girl and raised her.

Taliah grew up into a fine young lady, very smart, kind, vivid...and deadly! She learned well the Way of the Warrior and proved that the Way of Sorcery was not a strange field either.

In a time of political struggle and war, Taliah worked as a bodyguard for powerful merchants in Sentinel and also proved to be a relentless bounty hunter. Despite her age, she was making a name for herself. Taneth, Santaki, Totambu and Ephesus are one of the places where she visited and got work.

Back home, she was training under Yorun's watch. Scimitar and shield, dual wielding, wood and iron staves and, finally, destruction and restoration magick. After the session was over, Yorun invited her to rest and take the afternoon tea with him.

(Yorun) "Taliah?"

(Taliah) "Yes, uncle?"

(Yorun) I have been talking to Belit these days and we think it is time...

(Taliah) "Time? What do you mean, uncle?"

(Yorun) "Well, we have taught everything to you. You learn fast, just like you father and each day I look at you closely, you resemble your mother...Together, they were like Fire and Steel. I wonder who would be so strong or cunning to defeat them"

(Taliah) "The memories I've got from them are not so clear for now, but I always listen to people saying good things about mom and dad..."

(Yorun) "Indeed, child...You should travel throughout Tamriel, see the world with your own eyes. It seems a natural path to follow, considering the history of our family."

Belit had arrived from the market and, as it was expected from years of training and several dangerous missions, her presence was not noticed until she said something:

(Belit) "The old man is right!"
(Yorun) "By the gods, Belit! Don't do that!"
(Belit) "Hahahah...scared?"
(Yorun) "Someday you will get a fireball right into your..."
(Belit) "Hey, know a tigress can't get rid of its stripes!"
(Yorun) "I don't know. It seems more like a fox to me..."
Taliah opened a large smile as she took a good look around that house which she had grown up...She remembered that outside the gates, blue skies could turn grey too soon but whenever she had some free time, she would be back home and remember all the good moments with her family. 

That gave her all the strenght and motivation she needed. Challenge accepted!

Belit was smiling, but she had a sad look in the eyes, the same when Torling, Bast and Aarya, the siblings, decided to leave, all together. Hammerfell is the homeland of many brave warriors and intrepid adventurers. As a warrior, Belit understood their desire to grow, get new experiences and evolve. She understood that some day they would like to tell their own story. But as a mother her heart was getting heavy. Taliah is like a daughter to her. No! She IS her daughter, too. 

A few days later the journey was set. 

The first place would be High Rock! Then Cirodiil, Valenwood, Elsweyr, Black Marsh and Morrowind. Finally, Skyrim! She had heard many tales about the Nords and their gods, their taste for battle, monsters, bards and many other curious things!

Before leaving, Yorun gave her just one more advise: she should be cautious about Skyrim! The Civil War was just one of the problems. In his previous letter, Torling had mentioned something about dragons, vampires and werewolves! And there was someone Taliah should investigate: Asabon. He used to be one of the most distinct members of clan - a great scholar of History and Sorcery. But he might have become a vampire. Soreen is another relative...Torling  could swear that one night, when the moon was round and full over Riverwood, he had seen Soreen leaving the Sleeping Giant Inn, discreetly. She came back only in the next morning, almost naked, bloodshot eyes. She didn't remember much of what happened to her. It would be a good idea to investigate and find out what is going on.

"Well, I think I might set my journey to Skyrim quite earlier...", Taliah thought.


Name: Taliah
Age: 28
1.76 m - 64,5 Kg 
Race: Redguard
Status: Single
Mood: Happy
Class: Combat Warrior
Combat Style: One-Handed Human Boss. She can unleash hell when mixing sword and magic!


Master Yogumo
Age: 56
Class: Combat Mage
His age is blessing for him and a curse for the enemy: a seasoned mage in the battlefield is a force to be reckoned. Currently, he is retired. If one desires to know about Hammerfellian culture, he is the one to seek out.

Age: 28
Class: Blade / One-Handed and Shield
Raised to be a Knight, he can be the spear that will pierce through enemy lines and a shield for his family, friends and allies.

Age: 27
Class: Combat Assassin / Dual Wield Melee
Trained and supervised by her mother, Belit: cunning, fast, nimble. After sparring with Bast, some people said that one thing is certain: "If you blink, you are dead".

Age: 26
Class: Combat Spellsword
The youngest of the siblings, she may not be the best fencer of the family but she is certainly gifted in the Art of Magicka. A hard training made her a balanced warrior.

Age: 23
Class: Unarmed Fighter 
In order to become proficient in an unorthodox fighting style among Redguards, Soreen had to do a lot of research, including the crafting material to build her special gauntlets. And her body? Some people say that she's got some kind of iron skin. 


Tenel Kah
Age: 30
Class: Combat Mage / Exorcist
She does not tell anyone the reason but, specially after arriving at Skyrim, Tenel has dedicated a good amount of her time healing people. She shared some of her time and experience with Vigilants of Stendarr and became well known by cleansing places haunted by ghosts, besides feral vampires, hagravens and evil witches.

Age: 36
Class: Two-Handed Warrior
He has a truly polished way, helpful and quickly gain people's trust. During battles, he demonstrates an unwavering force, being a reference for warriors in the front line or a Tower of Strenght when holding his position and assisting defence.

Age: 27
Class: Scout
In the right place, in the right time, she can devastate the enemies within the blink of an eye. 

Age: 33
Class: Combat Warrior
He is the kind of warrior that feels just fine when surrounded by a pack or swarm of enemies. The more, the better. "One man army" suits him well.

Age: ??
Class: Mage / Necromancer

"Not dead which eternal lie...
Strange aeons, Death may die"



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- Taliah's Quest