Less Harsh Elves _ No Bags or Indentations by Amanda LaPalme
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Added: 16/11/2011 - 10:04PM
Updated: 21/04/2014 - 11:14PM

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Last updated at 23:14, 21 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 22:04, 16 Nov 2011

~UPDATED 3.1~ Much smaller filesize, same quality!

NOTE: If the file isn't working for you, try using the older version.

This does not conflict with detailed eyes or skin mods, however it does with No More Blocky Faces, as both these files are the Normal Maps.

Now includes all elven, by request. Thank you all so much for the feedback and support on my first post. :)

-Smooth Noses/Ears/Chin, pixelation removed
-Resolution and quality increased
-Removed default Bags on Male and Female Elven.
-Removed Vulcan-looking forehead indentations on male Elven.

For those who want less... old-looking or harsh Dunmer, Bosmer and Altmer. There's already an aged face option when creating your character to give them bags/lip creases/age, so I thought having those as a default base is a bit unnecessary. As noted, the file is also higher resolution and I smoothed out all the rough ends. :)

Just copy and Paste into the appropriate directories if existing, or copy/paste the Data folder if you don't have one made already.

If you want to keep the default face of a race, just delete the folder labeled whatever race you want the preset of.

Input and suggestions are welcome, and I do update regularly and take note of your feedback!