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Last updated at 19:54, 4 Mar 2016 Uploaded at 15:16, 11 Jun 2013

Still working on an new V.5.0.0, but lack of time, and some technical problems (papyrus, or skyrim game engine bugs with custom magic effects)

STORMBRINGER v4.0.5 : Weapon Mesh Updated (the sword is a bit more massive, angular and agressive) ++ Blood Mesh Reworked ++ Normal Map Mesh Optimized in Nifskope ++ Glowing Red Flames updated in Nifskope ++ Changes in Magic Effects and Weapon Stats ++ New artifact added to the game (the Ring Of Actorios) :

- Base damage = 38 /crit damage = 19 (but you wont be able to improve it with smithing recipes because Stormbringer was forged with an unknow material... in reality, it's a demon sword)
- Stagger : 1.15
- Weight : 18 
- Speed : 1.0
- Price : 797590
- Enchantments : 24000
- Drain Health/Stamina/Magicka : 99 points each for one second
- SoulTrap : in its own reusable gem or a gem that you wear within 45 seconds. You can track-down 8 souls in Stormbringer's BlackSoulGem
- Aura of Fear : until Level 38 creatures for 60 seconds
- "Can't drop" Flag : you won't be disarmed for example by "unrelenting force" Draugh shouts !
- "Playable/Player Only" Flags : Stormbringer is playable only by the player (NPCs won't point and take Stormbringer. Only the Dragonborn can wield it)
- Infamous Bite : 999 points of health damages with 40% chance of success at each attack. This custom enchantment works in addition of vanilla damages, but enemies may resist with "MagicResist" value
- Keywords flagged as a Daedric Artifact/ Magic Disallow Enchanting
- Ench shader FX : a custom FX shader is attached to the sword (red dark flames) when the sword is drawn and removed when sheathed
- Dialogues : five dialogues lines. Guards from cities will make comments (good or ungracious) concerning Stormbringer if you have equipped it
- Custom sounds FXs : disturbing sounds when the weapon is drawn/sheathed, and a snake growl when the blade is swinging

Specific Magic Abilities and Penalties when the sword is drawn :
- Increased Health and Stamina by 80 points 
- Added Magic Resist by 20 %
- Added a Ward effect (Spellbreaker artifact spell) : deflect 200 hit points when you are blocking an incoming spell. A blue/purple circle shader is attached for a short moment to the player when the ward effect is active
- Decreased Health/ Stamina and Magicka regeneration by 200% 
- Two-Handed damages increased by 100%
- Timed blocked damages by 100 % (after long test, i'm not sure if it works well because this magic effect was previously implemented in vanilla game engine for a shield, not for a weapon)

NOTE WHEN YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE MOD VERSION : if the weapon was previously in your inventory, you must first unequip then re-equip the sword after to activate new magic effects

Because Stormbringer is an OP weapon and could unbalance your vanilla game, here is a list of mods suggestions to play "HARDCORE" in Vanilla game engine :
Duel Combat Realism (fights are harder, more tactical. Great mod !)
Deadly Dragons (everybody knows this great mod too)
ACE - Combat Skills (New Perks/Skills Trees, rebalance and enhance a lot of things. A classic !)
BYOG - Balance Your Own Game (Adjust in game all weapons damages, armor rating, spell powers, abilities ...)
High Level Enemies (As it is said in the title)
Morrowloot 4E Edition (Loots are like they were done in TES III : Morrowind)
Unofficial Morrowloot-Skyrim Overhaul (an immersive overhaul between Morrowloot and Requiem)
ERSO (a great overhaul, very useful because modular)

Where can you find Stormbringer ?
Stormbringer was placed into "Bleak Barrow Falls". For RPG reasons, you could start a new game, as far as Bleak Barrow Falls dungeon offers the Main Quest prelude "The Golden Claw"
If you don't want to play a new game, open your console command, then type : help stormbringer (+ ENTER)
it should give you an ID for the weapon (for example IDXXXXX), then type : player.equipitem IDXXXXX (+ENTER)
It's done...the sword is in your inventory. Close the console command, go in game, and enjoy !

About "The Ring Of Actorios"
This artifact is the Ring of Kings of Melnibone and addresses to Moorcock's fans. In Skyrim, this artifact will help a weak sorcerer to be a very powerful one ! It is placed into a soulgem pedestal near Stormbringer in Bleak Barrow Falls

Installation and Requirements
Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) is highly recommended
- SKYRIM Version :  Update or higher
BOSS to manage your load order. In addition TES5Edit to avoid conflicts between Mods. I'm not using LOOT because i think it's BUGGY and because i don't like this tool. But you can use it if you want !

Compatibility with other Mods
STANDALONE VERSION is compatible with almost anything in the game (this weapon is not an alteration of an existing one)
SPECIAL CASE : STANDALONE VERSION is not compatible with T3nd0s Skyrim Redone (not recognized by the Patcher)
If you want to use Stormbringer in SkyRe game engine, the sword's damages won't work properly (lower values)

The Project
Fan of the great novelist Michael Moorcock, Elric of Melnibone and his Black Sword Stormbringer, I wanted long to add this mythical weapon into SKYRIM. The task was not easy, because Moorcock was changing the description of Stormbringer in his novels and because numerous representations of Stormbringer were available. I turned to a steel replica of "Raven Armoury", the comic book "The Balance Lost" and the "Museum's Stormbringer" (look at screenshots) to create my vision of Stormbringer

French translation (traduction française)
For french players, you'll find a translation of my Mod here

Upload permission
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Conversion permission
You are not allowed to convert this file to work on other games under any circumstances
Modification permission
you are free to modify my files, including fixes or new features, for your personal use only
Asset use permission
You are not allowed to use assets from this file for business under any circumstances

- Rudy, a great graphic designer student who created meshes and textures of the version 4 of Stormbringer's blade (except runic symbols) : Rudy Lamotte Port Folio
- Lautasantenni for Expanded Jewelry Crafting who gave me the permission to use his work for the creation of The Ring of Actorios
- SpiderAkiraC for SeeEnchantments who gave me the permission to use his work for the creation of Stormbringer's glowing red flames
Michael Moorcock for Stormbringer and Elric stories
- Gaelian Orkney for the french translation of this Mod