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Last updated at 18:56, 4 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 9:16, 11 Jun 2013

WORK IN PROGRESS V5.0.0 ++ Weapon Mesh Updated ++ Blood Mesh Reworked ++ Normal Map Mesh Reworked ++ Diffuse and Specular Map Updated ++ Changes in Magic Effects and Weapon Stats

V5.0.0 Standalone Version for Vanilla game engine

* Base damage = 40 (before was 48) but cannot be improved with any Smithing Perk because was forged with an unknow material.
* Weight : 18
* Speed : 1.0
* Price : very very expensive value
* Enchantments : 24000 (before was 48000)
* Absorb Health : 100 points per second
* Absorb Magicka : 100 points per second
* Absorb Stamina : 100 points per second
* Soultrap : in its own reusable gem or a gem that you wear within 45 seconds. You can track-down 8 souls in the same time in Stormbringer's BlackSoulGem (before was 16 souls)
* Aura of Fear (high) : against level 35 or less creatures
* Health Damages : 1000 points with 50% chance of success at each attack. This custom enchantment works in addition of traditional damages, but enemies can resist with "MagicResist" value (enemies who have magic resistance by their own or in their stuff will resist more against the bite of Stormbringer)
* Ench shader FX : custom FX shader is attached to the sword (red dark flames) that are activated when the sword is drawn and removed when sheathed
* Dialogues : 5 dialoguesguards lines. Guards from cities will make comments (good or ungracious) concerning Stormbringer if you have equipped it
* Custom sounds FXs : making the sword more disturbing when the weapon is drawn/sheathed, and a snake growl when the blade is swinging
* Magic Abilities and Penalties when the sword is drawn :
- Increased Health and Stamina by 80 points
- Magic Resist by 20 %
- Ward effect : 100 points of magic damage (when you are blocking). A blue/purple circle shader is attached to the player with the ward effect
- Decreased Health, Stamina and Magicka regeneration by 200%
- Two-Handed Damages increased by 100%

- REMOVED Block Damages MGEF because was bugged in Vanilla game engine (in fact, this MGEF only works with a shield but not with a weapon !) and replaced by Block Skill advance by 50 % and a new Perk that allow you to parry damage 100% more effectively

NOTE : if the weapon was previously in your inventory, you must first unequip then re-equip to activate new magical effects

Because Stormbringer is a very powerful weapon and could unbalance your vanilla game, here is a list of mods suggestions to "Play Hardcore" in Vanilla game engine

Deadly combat (as it is said !)

Duel Combat Realism (add more tactics and more powerful fights)

Deadly Dragons (balance dragons in game to be a lot more powerful than vanilla for epic dragons fighting)

BYOG - Balance Your Own Game (let you adjust in game all weapons damages, armor rating, spell powers, abilities ...)

Skills-based Damage and Magnitude Multipliers (balance damage received and done and introduce changes to damage multipliers)

High Level Enemies (as it is said, add new high level enemies to the game)

Battle fatigue and injuries (nice tool to add more realism and difficulty to the game)

Unofficial Morrowloot-Skyrim Overhaul (an immersive overhaul between Morrowloot and Requiem that prevent the player to forge many overpowered stuffs in game that couldn't be if Bethesda had a brain !)

WORK IN PROGRESS ++ V5.0.1 for Requiem the Role Playing Overhaul

Same values as Vanilla Version but with these changes :
* Speed : adjusted to 0.9 (instead of 1.0 in vanilla version), because REQUIEM "Greatsword Specialisation" Perk has three levels that affect the swinging speed of the weapon (but i suggest you not to take the third level of this Perk or your sword will swing insanely fast !!!)
* Health Damages : 2000 pts (instead of 1000 pts in vanilla version), because Requiem bosses and enemies are a lot tougher than in Vanilla game
* Magic Resist by 40 % (instead of 20 % in vanilla version)
* Ward effect : can block 200 points of magic damage (instead of 100 pts in vanilla version), because magic is very powerful in Requiem

KNOWN ISSUE : the enchantment amount (24000) could be considered as infinite by Requiem game engine. So, you wouldn't have to refill the sword (I'm looking for a solution to the problem)

Where is placed the sword

SPOILER : the sword was placed in the end of "Bleack Barrow Falls". For Role Play reasons, you could start a new game, as far as the Bleack Barrow Falls dungeon concerns the Main Quest prelude "The Golden Claw".
If you don't want to play a new game, open your console command, then type :
help stormbringer (+ ENTER)
it should give you an ID for the weapon (for example IDXXXXX)
then type :
player.equipitem IDXXXXX (+ENTER)
It's done. The sword is in your inventory. Close the console command, go in game, and enjoy !

V5.0.0 Ebony Blade Overpowered Replacer

Work in Progress. Before to post this version, I will test its compatibility with Requiem or other mods that affect the Daedric Artifacts and the Ebony Blade in general (could cause conflict issues!)

Installation and Requirements

- Nexus Mod Manager highly recommended.

- SKYRIM Update Version : or higher

- BOSS to manage your Master files and Mods load order.

- S.K.S.E is not necessary for Stormbringer Mod, but highly recommended for Scripting mods that are in your game.

- Rogue Script Remover a S.K.S.E Plugin linked here ( is trully recommended to avoid bloating saves game dues to changes in Scripting mods.

Compatibility with other Mods

STANDALONE VERSIONS are compatible with almost anything in the game, as the weapon is not an alteration of an existing one.
SPECIAL CASE : both STANDALONE VERSIONS are not compatible with T3nd0s Skyrim Redone (with or without ReProccer Patch), probably because the weapon has no tempering recipe. If you want to use Stormbringer in SkyRe game engine, the sword will do a lot less damage than it should do !

The Project

Fan of novelist Michael Moorcock, Elric of Melnibone and his Black Sword Stormbringer, I wanted long to add this mythical weapon in the game TESV Skyrim. The task was not easy, because Moorcock was changing the description of Stormbringer in his novels and because numerous representations of Stormbringer were available. I turned to a steel replica of "Raven Armoury", the comic book "The Balance Lost" and the "Museum Stormbringer" (look at screenshots) to create my vision of Stormbringer.


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Rudy Lamotte, graphic designer student, who helped me to create Stormbringer.
contact :
Rudy Lamotte Port Folio

Lautasantenni for Expanded Jewelry Crafting,who gave me the permission to use his derived work for the Actorios.

SpiderAkiraC for SeeEnchantments, who gave me the permission to use his derived work for Stormbringer red flames.


If you want to donate for such work you are welcome. Please press "Contact Uploader" button. Send me a message and, then i will give you my PayPal mail address for donation.