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Update 1.4.2 is out! apologies for the time gap between updates recently, but with no "Doctor Who" to watch until the Fall, there's nothing more to add on to the update except for the bugs, which is what this update is focused on!
The Time Lord race has been removed: I will re-add this race in a later update, but I believe that this race with the complicated generation aspect is what was causing many of the regeneration bugs. So I'm removing the TL race altogether, and will slowly, but steadily, re-add them to Skyrim with little to no bugs.
A less buggy regeneration: I've been playing around with papyrus, and believe that I created a regeneration that will activate at 20% health, 100% of the time. the script is identical to that of Kohnariik, except it is active on the Gallifreyan Amulet
The Amulet is more smoothly incorporated into the land of Skyrim. It can still be found in an NPC, but is now also somewhere else (BIG HINT!!!!: I also put in a loading screen that says a rough group of bandits have invaded somewhere; keep your eyes peeled...).

If you guys have any ideas you would like incorporated into the mod, let me know in the comments. I am always open to new ideas! Thanks for continuing to support the Time Lord invasion of Skyrim.

Video sightings of Time Lords in Skyrim:

Fan of Doctor Who? Feel that there's an absence of Time Lords in Skyrim? Then this is the mod for you! This mod allows you to change your race to a Time Lord, complete with its own description and powers. As Time Lords are technologically advanced, they are exceptionally powerful in the arcane arts, as well as around the forge. Being a Time Lord comes with two magic abilities: Last Resort, and Calming Aura. Last resort is the same power as the Konahriik (if that's how you spell it. The one found in Labrynthian in the dragon's mouth). Calming Aura is an upgraded version of Guardian Circle, at the very least, it wards off creatures up to Level 75 for 45 seconds. As you can imagine, regeneration is a huge concept in Dr. Who, and will take a while to perfect


This Mod requires ShowRaceMenu Alternative to set your race to Time Lord. Otherwise, every time you reload your save, you will revert to your previous race

This mod will also work great with the TARDIS: