Clean Skyrim Restarts with all DLC Installed - NO MODS by PCWWIZ
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Added: 04/06/2013 - 04:07PM
Updated: 30/01/2014 - 03:33PM

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Clean Save with all DLC installed before game was started.

I made this for quick game restarts and mod testing.

I hated redoing the first number of quests. I truly belive the game starts after windcallers horn is returned. I know many people have done this same upload but I can't find any with the DLC included.

Restart locations are.

1. Restart at Helgan-RaceMenu
2. Restart at Returning the Claw
3. Restart at First Dragon Fight
4. Restart at After GreyBeards First Meeting
5. Restart at After Returning Windcallers Horn

NO Unofficial Mods have been installed. this was a clean install of skyrim, newest Version as of 7-2-2013 and all offical DLC.

Requirements Skyrim and all Official DLC
HighRes Texture Pack 1.
HighRes Texture Pack 2.
HighRes Texture Pack 3.

You are not leveled and NO Perks have been used.
Whatever items and gold are in the inventory at the time of saving you also have.

Remember to use the showracemenu console command to update your character.

Have Fun