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Super Master Cheat of everything.

Disclaimer : I perfectly understand those who dislike cheating in videogame, and if you are one of those, don't waste your time with this,
because it is a über cheat code that will make your Dovakhiin invincible!!!

What it does???

First, it make a save of your character, then it applies all it's cheats, and when it is done, it creates an other save. This cheats creates 2 saves of your character, one before he/she was cheated and one after he/she was cheated, so you can easily reload a save before your character get cheated, just in case if you want.

How Over power will I become?

Then it unlock all map marker and fast travel locations and clear all your crimes. It set your Life/Magika/Stamina/CarryWeight/Gold to an absolutely exagerated outrageously insane high number. It unlock all Dragon Shouts and add 100 000 Dragon souls. It unlock and set all Perk of the Game to 500 (I think it is not very usefull to have more than 100...) It unlock all spells in the game (It add all spell one by one, not by the « psb » command wich can be quite buggy, so dont worry,) It add 100 000 Daedric arrows, because it is alway usefull:-)

H is the interresting part!

It add in your inventory one of every unique/rare/difficult to obtain item of the game. (What I means by rare/difficult to obtain item is : Any item that you will rarely find in random loot and/or you can only obtain via long quests, like the Nightingale armor or the Blades armor) So, you will have all Daedric artifacts, all Dragon Priests Masks, Ysgramor's stuff (including his spoon), Archmage Robe, general Tulius Armor, Nightingale set, Ancient Nord set (Aela's sexy outfit) and many many more etc... I exclude by choice some quest item like Glendmoril witch head.

Next, it gives all enchantable items via disenchant. You will have in your inventory one of every kind of enchanted item in the game. You just have to go to an enchanting table and do button mashing in the disenchanting sub-menu to learn all the enchantment of Skyrim. (All of those item are on their Daecric version, so you will have a huge quantity of Daedric stuff in your inventory. The others enchantable items, like the notched pickaxe, are not Daedric.)

Next, it gives you 600 of every kind of food in the game, execept for the cheese. This cheat gives you 666 pieces of cheese, so Sheogorath loves you! Then, it gives you 5000 of every ingredient in the game, and 12 000 of every type of ore and ingot, including leather and Deadra's Heart, and 1000 of all kind of soul gems (the full ones as well as the empty ones)

I have try a lot of mods, a huge lot of mods! Some mods include super mega cool items obtainable only via crafting. Fine, but they often require unusual weird ingredient to be forged, like amethist, a specific kind of dwemer scrap, firewood, charcoal, fox pelt, frostbite venom, mammouth Tusk, chorus chitin and lot of other semi-random kind of relatively useless junk you may find whan random looting Skyrim. You know what? This cheat will add them all (and many more) to your inventory, so there will be almost no moded stuff you can't forge because of a single missing bowl of mammouth powder...

I have made this several months before putting it on Nexus, and I have been using this for months without problems or crashing. But, I have made this before I get DragonBorn DLC and HeartFire DLC. I you have vanilla Skyrim without DLC, it will Work.I you have vanilla Skyrim with DLC, you will have stuff from the base game + the stuff from DawnGuard DLC.

For those asking, having the complete FusRoDah before the meeting with the grey beards does not bug/break the game, even when the grey beards are teaching you something you already know (I try it dozens of time.)

It dosent require any mod to work, just put it in the same folder as the executable (TESV.exe)
To activate the cheat, just type  bat man  Why bat man, because it is easy to remember the goddam Batman, but dont forget the space betwen the man and the bat.

Using the cheat will add approximatively 1 016 730 pounds of stuff!!! into your inventory, but dont worry, you can carry way more!

You can do whatever you want with this cheat, including re-upload, modification, etc... I give to all of you the permission to do whatever you want with this. Have fun!

PS. English is unfortunatly not my first language, so I apologise for all grammar mistakes I might have done.
PS*. As a Linux addict, I am quite used to do complicated stuff in command line.