Daedric Armor and Weapons Glow Replacer by cancrena
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Added: 14/12/2011 - 10:12PM
Updated: 17/06/2012 - 04:27PM

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this mod is clearly outdated and no longer maintained. since i made it when the construction kit wasn't yet released, it lacks a lot in order to be considered a "good mod" (or even a "mod" if you ask me). now these files can be considered good modder's resources, and so anyone interested in using the meshes can do it freely, without asking (though a tiny little credit at the bottom of your readme will be appreciated ^^ ).
This mod simply recolors the red moving glowing details of the daedric armor (male and female).
It is totally compatible with any daedric armor texture replacer, since it only affects the meshes.
It also changes the reflexes of the armor to a pale tone matching the color (originally they were a very pale red).
Now i'm also beginning to release glow-recolored daedric weapon sets, matching the color of the armors!

Armor available colors:
White & Bright White
Acid Green

Weapons available colors:
White & Bright White
Acid Green

More to come :)

I'll keep adding colors and tweaks, but if you would like to have some specific color i'll be glad to do my best and make it for you; simply leave a comment.
Since i'm not english, it could be hard for me to understand some very particular tone's names, so in that case it would be very helpful to me if you can give me an example (maybe by dropping a link to an image or something) ;)

Install: simply extract the folder in your skyrim install folder.

Notes: everything seems fine and working well to me, but since this is my very first elder scrolls recolor mod, if you see something wrong i can try to fix it within my knowledges ;)
I'm playing around with nifskope, and i think if i learn some more of it i'll be able to add the glow to the female gauntlets. I need only to adjust the position and scale of the nitrishape, but i was successful on importing it and placing it more or less on the right place :)

Actually, there's no secret behind this recolor, i simply used the very latest release of nifskope, which can read and edit the color fields of the new .nif format. You can download it from Niftools website, they are updating nifskope very often in these days.
Maybe knowing this, more experienced modders (which i am not) will be able to release more accurate and more epic mods than mine ;)

uploaded the brighter white weapon set.

uploaded the green, blue, white, yellow, orange, purple weapon sets.

uploaded the first daedric weapon set with recolored glow, acid green in this case, since it's my favourite :). changed the category on skyrim nexus, now this mod is listed under "weapon and armour sets".

uploaded a new white recolor, with increased emissive saturation and strength, in order to make it much brighter, since the old version looked too "soft" to my eyes. i'm leaving the old white one here marked as "old version" since tastes are personal and people may prefer that one.

uploaded the acid green recolor. in this one, i tryed to increase a little bit the saturation.
i noticed that female gloves have no glow by defauld, and i have no idea why bethesda did so... maybe it is possible to add it (if someone is able please tell me how or do it hehe :) ).
i also noticed some minor texture bleeding and i have no idea what causes them, i'll do some investigation later.

minor fix on the green glow replacer.
uploaded the blue, white, yellow, orange, purple versions.

green glow replacer added