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This is a legacy version of Vile Concoctions. A newer version can be found in the new mod: GUISE

Vile Concoctions is a "Battle Alchemy" Overhaul that adds new game mechanics to make Alchemy more engaging.

SkyUI Version 3.4 or newer
SKSE Version 1.6.13 or newer

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Grimy Utilities for List Based Potion/Poison Hotkeys and Automatic Potion/Poison Scripts.
No Poison Dialogues for Disabling those pesky popup messages each time you try to use a poison.

- A Toxicity system inspired by the Witcher series of Games
- A Potion Cooldown System
- Grenades, Proximity Mines, Explosive Arrows made from every day objects, like bottles of ale.
- New poison based abilities unlocked through perks.
- A new "Loadout" Perk System, to encourage more distinctive character creation and serves as a Gold Sink.
- Tweak the balance of or even deactivate various features through an MCM menu
- Don't want cooldowns or toxicity? All features are toggle-able in the MCM menu.
- Instructions on how to disable the perk tree at the bottom of the page. This should avoid most mod conflicts.

Details on the Toxicity System
The player now has a toxicity level, which essentially limits the number of ongoing potion effects a player can have.
Potions will last much longer, encouraging you to actually use them.
But the toxicity system will limit you to using only your best potions.

Multiple effect potions increase the player's toxicity level multiple times.
Harmful effects, such as getting poisoned by enemies, also increases toxicity level.

If you exceed your maximum toxicity level, you overdose and lose all your beneficial alchemy effects.
In addition, you will also suffer a number of other penalties ranging from Health/Magicka/Stamina damage, reduced movement speed, reduced skills, and or vomiting.

Details on the Loadout System
After you unlock a perk, you also gain access to two loadout perks.
You can add these perks in the loadout section of the MCM menu.
Adding loadout perks costs gold instead of perk points.
You can only have one loadout perk from any given pair.
This serves as both a money sink and an extra layer of player customization.

Details on the Explosives Crafting
You can unlock perks to craft grenades, mines, or explosive arrows.
Adding these perks gives you a spell to craft explosive.
Explosive grenades are treated as magic scrolls in your inventory, and are thrown in the same way as scrolls are.

1 explosive, 1 leather strap, and 5 basic arrows produce 5 explosive arrows
1 explosive produces 1 grenade, no other ingredients required
1 Dwarven Ingot + 1 Dwarven Gyro = 1 dwemer mine
1 fire-explosive + Firewood = 1 fragmentation mine

Information on the new Perks:
Vile Concoctions features 13 traditional perks.
But each perk unlocks a pair of Loadout perks.
You can only have one loadout perk from each pair, but you can swap at any time.
Acquiring and swapping loadout perks costs money, but does not cost perk points.

This serves as both a money sink and an extra layer of player customization.

Details on Compatibility and Load Order
Vile Concoctions edits all the alchemical magic effects, any other mods that also edit these magic effects will break Vile Concoctions if VC is not below said mod in the load order.

Vile Concoctions edits the names of a number of items (IE the items used to make grenades and various explosives).
Vile Concoctions will still work fine if another mod overwrites Vile Concoction's changes to these items, it will just be a bit less obvious to you that these items are explosives ingredients.

Removing the Perk Tree
Lets say you don't want the perk tree for mod conflict reasons. You can disable it the following way:

Open Vile Concoctions in TES5edit
Right click the Actor Values Section
Click Remove, then save the change.

This will still give you access to potion cooldowns, toxicity, and explosives.

However you will need to add (via console) the Sapper, Grenadier, and Artificer perks in order to craft explosives.
type "Help Sapper", "Help Grenadier", or "Help Artificer" to get the relevant perk ID's (they will differ depending on mod load order, or I'd just tell you what they are)